LIVE Mini Bootcamp: Week 4


Welcome to Lesson #4: Marketing 101 where we are going to explore the foundations of your marketing plan. Here's what you need to do today:

1) Watch the video

2) Assess your current marketing by asking these questions: 

  1. How many calls are you getting per month?

  2. How are they finding you?

  3. How many of them schedule?

  4. What are your favorite clients typing into Google before or when they finally find you?

  5. What words do they use to describe the issue they are trying to resolve during the first contact?

  6. How many weeks on average do clients stay with you?

  7. How many paying clients are you getting from each referral source?

3) Start tracking your data and set a date on your calendar to evaluate in the next month and 3 months.4) Post your questions and comments below and we will join you on the Friday, June 24th to provide support and responses!

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