Reviews of the Business School Bootcamp: 

Hear from psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, art therapists, marriage and family therapists, and others about their bootcamp experience. Listen to what people noticed about their own progression, how their lives changes, their practices, and what connecting with an awesome community meant to them. 

Michelle Farris, LMFT

"I am valued as a therapist"

"I'm saying my new fee and every time I say my new fee, I am anticipating them to say "what?" and they are like "ok."...It's ok to be good and to keep learning. I am really grateful for that because I had a real struggle with that...I like my practice.... I'm grateful for this community."

Margaret Donahue, PhD

"I'm working fewer hours but those are more productive."

"When I first started in BSB I thought I would do it to help my psychological assistants market their business.  My business was going relatively well.  I have a part time job that provides reliable and stable income and a private practice corporation that lets me see people I love working with and help to train new therapists into being psychologists.  The first thing I did through BSB was to raise my fees.  The second thing was to stop working with a company that took insurance and I was getting 60% of insurance billed rates.  So very low money, lots of billing hassles and poor return on investment.  BSB connected me with a fabulous community that I've come to like and admire.  It's not just online, it's been in person as well.  My gross income increased by $40,000 last year.    I'm working fewer hours but those are more productive and with clients that are a better fit.  My psychological assistants are more confident and have increased marketing efforts.  One has now become independently licensed.  BSB is a great experience even for people that have been doing relatively well.  It's well worth the investment of time, effort and energy and I strongly recommend it."

Dalila Jusic-LeBerge, LMFT

"The investment is well worth it."

The Bootcamp is an amazing resource for therapists.  Kelly and Miranda are incredibly smart and knowledgeable. Besides their vast knowledge and experience, they also bring in many guests, who are top notch specialists in their subfields (i.e. web design, blogging, fee setting, etc.). The Bootcamp is the living and breathing encyclopedia for creating therapy business. It was so eye opening to see how many resources are available to therapists. This is one of the most comprehensive sources that I’m aware of. Kelly and Miranda always add more to it and they put their all heart and soul into it.

The investment is well worth it. Besides having the access to all the materials after the Bootcamp is over, you are able to join to the next group of bootcampers to work on the materials that you haven’t been able to work through before.  I also met amazing fellow bootcampers that helped me connect with some important referral sources. Kelly and Miranda create and foster positive energy that help clinicians become more confident business owners.

 It’s a very intense program. If you are perfectionist, you can feel overwhelmed and scared. Just know, you will not be able to complete all the modules during the two-week process, but I recommend doing it at your own pace and not worrying about completing everything. You can always continue working on different modules that may apply to you more than others.  At least you know they are there when you need to use them. The instructions are thorough, clear, and very relevant.

Starting my own business have changed me significantly.  The process brings up a lot of things to the suffice while allowing you to really find yourself.  The Bootcamp helped me become more confidant, have clear vision of who I want to be out in the world as a clinician, a business owner, a community supporter, etc. It provided a lot of practical learning and deep personal changes. I’m working on some amazing projects now that are not related only to 1:1 clinical work.

Once you take the Bootcamp, you become the part of the community of wonderful supportive fellow therapists who help each other with advice, networking, resources, etc.  I recommend the Bootcamp to anyone who wants to create their business, feel confidant, and be a part of the community of people who want to serve others.  Kelly and Miranda help you build the business that will allow you enjoy life and have free time doing hobbies, spending time with your family, going on vacations, etc. Really, being the best self is the best service to others.  

Kami Storck, LMFT

"I'm grateful for this community"

"One thing I have learned about myself this last year, I don't ever ever ever want to do anything that I don't love and it's not worth being away from what matters most, which is my family."

Nancy Rhine
"Feeling More Empowered"

"I saw my energy level going from hopeless to feeling more empowered... I am reclaiming my years of business experience that for, some reason, stopped to a certain extent when I moved into the field of private practice, psychotherapy."


Robyn D'Angelo, LMFT

"I'm grateful for the support and acceptance"

I learned to put myself out there more and it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. By doing that, people are more connected to me vs holding back and withdrawing like I normally do. Our community accepts me."

"I completed Bootcamp a year ago, and in the past year, I've worked to implement many (not all) of the systems and applied much of the information to grow and maintain my practice. I opened my practice in 2013, did Bootcamp last March, and by the end of December, I had doubled my income from 2013. As the first quarter of this year comes to an end, I am on track to blow away my 2014 numbers!" -Jean Connolly Lampert, LMFT
"I am more aware of what I want from my practice and have started to act on that plan. I have raised my fees and I'm not afraid to ask for what I'm worth. I am planning new parenting classes and charging a profitable amount. If the classes are successful, I will make more money and work only 4 days a week vs. 5. I have booked 2 trainings at big agencies and will continue to do more training in the next year. My goal was to get help making more money and working less. I'm doing it and feel great about it! The bootcamp really helped me take a hard look at my practice and my life and what I wanted for my future." - Lyla Tyler, LMFT
"This course is hands on and worth a ton more than you charge. There is a great deal of information and there was no way I could do it all in the time allotted and see all my clients. But that in no way discouraged me. Life is not about the race its about the process and I am working at my own speed. I can tell you I have made at least $1500 more than I would have if I did not take this course and the 8 week one. I wish I had taken this one first, prepared a bit more for some type of products then completed the 8 week course. Nevertheless this course is well worth the time and money. I would highly recommend it to other therapists." -Sherry Shockey-Pope, LMFT

Mercedes Stanley
"Part of a Community"

"When I think of the community we have with Bootcamp, I just feel like everyone is so supportive and encouraging and empathetic to all of our learning processes... The ability to consult and talk to other clinicians about what we are going through... I really do value."

"BSB has improved my quality of life in many ways. In fact, it opened me up to new possibilities in such way that even my own personal therapy took a turn for the better half way through the school. I have a new and broader vision and I am now creating multiple streams of income in complementary ways to my practice. BSB has been an eye-opener." - Dana Bentley, LMFT
"I have to share this because I am blown away. Since I joined and have been lingering in this space, months before this round of bootcamp began I've been clarifying for myself who my ideal clients are:disconnected parent couples who desire more intimacy and fun. I've been networking and putting more content out there and I've been getting calls and offering consults that don't always translate into actual clients. This week I've booked two new full fee client couples. I had offered each consults over a month ago and they took their time...and now, booked! I'm feeling so focused and on track. yay!!!" - Rebecca Wong, LCSW
"My confidence is much higher. I feel more comfortable stating my fee. I know that I don't have to have all sliding scale clients. I feel more confident and valuable. I still have to implement much of what was covered in the boot camp, but I have worked on my social media presence, am updating my website, changing my image. I am using Simple Practice which helps me to feel much less overwhelmed by all of that paper. Knowing what to do and how to do it is transformational. As I continue implementing, I expect my confidence wil continue to grow, as well as my time management, and a more professional image in social media and with potential clients. The support group is wonderful. Many times when I have a question, I don't even need to ask it. They have already covered it. I wish it could have been longer, but in a way it feels like it is still going on! Thank you Miranda and Kelly for your light hearted presentation of some pretty serious and life altering material." - Fall 2014 Bootcamper

Dr. Gretchen Kubacky
"An Amazing Experience"

"I was a little hesitant about going into it as an experienced practioner and what I found was that it was a really remarkable group of people... We are business-minded and we are compassionate therapists and we can mix those skills... Kelly and Miranda were wonderful, amazing and incredibly present the whole time."

"It's a work in progress, but definitely gave me valuable tools, information, a plan to move forward in my business. I have more confidence in initial contacts with clients, using initial consult script and have gained a few more full pay clients during that time." - Patty Behrens, LMFT
"If you haven't been through BSB before, I think you'll quickly discover that it's well worth whatever time, money, and opportunity costs you invest in it. Suspend your habits, focus your passion, keep up with the work, and allow Kelly, Miranda, and the group process to change you. You'll be glad you did." -Steven Brownlow, PhD

Lanie Smith
"I'm just getting started."

"In terms of some beliefs that shifted for me, I believed that I could just cram everything in and make it happen really fast... This bootcamp has kind of shown me that I want to slow down and lay a solid foundation. I'm excited that I have the tools to do that."