What is ZynnyMe? 

Private Practice Coaches

ZynnyMe was born out of two therapists coming together through a series of fortunate and unfortunate events and deciding to make something beautiful. Our hope is that this site and what we've created truly transforms your life, your clinical practice, and your business. 

We get questions about our business name and domain all the time. ZynnyMe... how do you say it? What is it?

Miranda's story: 

miranda palmer, lmft

miranda palmer, lmft

It comes from zynny, an old email address of Miranda's from almost  2 decades ago. Miranda (I) had worked my tush off through grad school, finished in 2 years while working full time in a local non-profit. I got through the first licensing exam with no problems, and then the second exam- I failed... by 1 point. 

And of course, as fates would have it- I took the test before a family reunion.. where everyone knew I was taking the exam. Ouch! I felt completely on my own. Nobody I knew from grad school was taking exams yet, the people I asked for direction reported feeling shell-shocked and had no advice to give. So, I started a free online study group. I found people from all over California who were all feeling just like I was feeling. In fact, I found several other people who had all failed right around the same time by 1 or 2 points. 

Four months later I found out there was a problem with the exam, received a letter from the board that I had actually passed and became licensed. By this time it had become clear to me how powerful it was to connect with other people. As the group grew, and I was continuing to spend 10+ hours each week- I realized I needed to make some changes for my family. While, I continue to spread the word and manage the study group to this day (thousands of therapists from across the US have participated)- I moved into more of a coaching role. 

And, as I started my own cash-pay private practice in one of the top 5 worst cities to live in the United States... during the recession... people started to ask for business coaching... that is how I met Kelly.

Kelly's Story: 

Kelly higdon, lmft

Kelly higdon, lmft

When we were looking at names for our business, we looked a TON of options and talked to a lot of people who knew us. One suggestion we received several times was to integrate the zynny that had been part of Miranda's email handle and that many people had grown to love. While Zynny was taken, we decided it would be fun to claim ZynnyMe as our online home. 

Our vision from the beginning was that people would be transformed by having contact with us. That their mindset would be shifted, that they would be more empowered, leave more confident- that they would be changed. 

We are both in gratitude for the amount of lives we have been able to change over the past few years. We adore taking therapists from lost and unsure to focused and confident. 

Learn more about Miranda Palmer, LMFT, more about Kelly Higdon, LMFT, more about Bootcamp, or get free training right now. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How can you do so much for free? 

We think it is important to find a balance between being able to make an income, and giving back to our community. We know many therapists have little or no budget for business help when they start their private practices. We also know it is important to get to know people before you get heavily involved AKA pay someone. We have hundreds of articles online that you can easily, freely access and use to grow a profitable private practice. 

Why do you ask for my email address? 

While we have a TON of information online, free, easily accessible- some of our information isn't "free." We believe we give enough value in our blogs and open videos that you can tell if you can trust us or not. Requiring an email not only allows us to give great customer service, it allows us to not charge you for a training you'd normally have to pay for. We get asked to speak across the country (and paid for it), and none of those organizations are letting us in for free. Fee free to give us a fake email address, but it is kind of like writing a fraudulent check when you go to a training and handing that at registration ;) It really just creates more work for us on the back end of things. If we haven't gained your trust yet- that is ok- feel free to skip the events that do require an email address... we are sure the cool, totally free stuff you read will eventually win you over! 

Are you going to send me a crap-ton of emails? 

This is of course the reason people are careful about who has their email address! We need to create more time and energy, not create more things to do, read, etc. We won't send you a crap-ton of emails. We have a few things that send a few emails a week for a couple of weeks (our mini-bootcamp), but most everything just gives you some minimal information. An invite to an event, and a recap of the awesome. We also make it REALLY easy to unsubscribe from stuff you don't want and be picky and choosy to JUST get what you really want. We are constantly refining our process to make it the most awesome possible... if you've got suggestions (ones that are positive and not nasty) send 'em over!