So you want to know about me...

Kelly Higdon, LMFT 

Kelly Higdon, LMFT 

At the end of the day I want to make a difference. My entire purpose is to leave the world better than how I found it. So everything I do or say is infused with this belief. Hey, I'm not perfect. But I am willing to share what I have learned as I have built my own successful businesses and continue to create a better life. 

How you live your life is often how you run your private practice. I help my clients find alignment with who they are in everyday life and their talent, skills, strengths, passions and all that ooey gooey good stuff.  Then we take a massive sledge hammer and smash the blocks that are stopping them from creating the life they want. You notice I didn't mention anything (though I can teach this stuff) about creating a 6 figure income or having 30 cash paying clients every week. Because you can have a full practice but what's the point if you aren't enjoying your life? 

On any given day you will find me writing, meeting with my psychotherapy or coaching clients, running a webinar for therapists, providing consultation with private practice owners and making lots of room for play time with my family. My hair constantly changes. I laugh a lot. I am sarcastic. I am direct. I am compassionate. I care about the people I work with. AND my most FAVORITE THING is to push, educate and inspire in the Business School Bootcamp.

If you want to join me on this wild ride of life and private practice building, contact me here.