Miranda Palmer, LMFT Private Practice Expert

Miranda Palmer, LMFT Private Practice Expert

Miranda Palmer, LMFT

I truly want to help you be successful, and have a happy life. Whether that means having a full, traditional private practice, writing the book that's been simmering, or developing an awesome online program- I'd love to be your definitive guide. 

How did I end up helping thousands of therapists from all around the world? I failed a licensing exam, by 1 point... and I lived to tell about it. Isn't it funny how something that feels horrible and terrible in the moment can turn into a catalyst for something beautiful. 

Miranda has developed an awesome program. I feel Miranda to be deeply caring and an authentic human. She has a great sense of humor and self confidence. Her enthusiasm is contagious. She is inspiring and has solid ideas that are practical to implement.
— Ginger Bahardar Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Today my primary business is inspiring and teaching therapists private practice marketing. I teach them business skills, and not because I'm all about money. I see how clinical outcomes, burnout rate, and overall passion can be impacted positively or negatively by how our businesses run. 

If you work for an agency and you don't like your job- you blame your boss. But what if you don't like private practice? What if you are working too hard, making too little, not getting enough vacation time? The boss is... well you. 

Miranda went above and beyond what she offered to provide in the Business Bootcamp! She is highly approachable, she cares deeply for the people she is coaching; truly a person of high integrity. The material provided was extremely valuable and very structured. Miranda took the time to provide personal feedback to many of us even in a group of 50. Which was highly valuable. Her inspirational feedback/feedback and sense of humor brought a levity to times when the bootcamp got intense. I feel I got to know Miranda even though we’ve never met in person and am deeply grateful for this group experience. I highly recommend Miranda!!
— Yasmin Philipos Marriage and Family Therapist Intern

I've taught undergraduate psychology courses to students just starting out in the human services field. I've taught graduate courses to Counseling Psychology Students. I've provided clinical supervision to ACSW and MFT Interns. I've started a profitable, cash-pay private practice out of thin air with next to no business experience or contacts. I've launched online programs and had amazing success. I've launched online products and failed... and succeeded.

I've been there, I've done that. I'm still doing it. Pushing, creating, day by day uncovering the fullness of my purpose for being on this earth. 

Miranda is knowledgeable, passionate, and enthusiastic as a coach for small service businesses. She packs a wealth of information into her programs, and always over-delivers. Plus, she’s funny and REAL. I highly recommend her!
— Gretchen Kubacky, Psy.D. Certified Bereavement Facilitator. Health Psychologist.

Would you like to work together? There are two main ways to work with me, through the Business School Bootcamp for Therapists and private coaching.

The bulk of therapists I talk to would get the most bang for their buck working with me through the bootcamp! Why? Because we developed it based on hundreds and hundreds of therapists from all around the world. 

We've also found that most therapists make big, deep change as part of a community. While we LOVE providing great individual business coaching- truth is- it is expensive and it requires that you have a great support network already established in order to have the most impact. 

Miranda Palmer is a passionate, energetic coach for those looking to building their mental health private practice. Not only is she a clinician herself which means she truly GETS IT, she has understands marketing and business in a way that therapists rarely do. She’s intelligent, knowledgeable and has an amazing sense of humor - all of which combine to make her an invaluable asset to anyone hoping to grow their business and have fun in the process. I love any opportunity I have to engage with her. I always leave feeling excited, refreshed and prepared with new tools and ideas!
— Traci Lowenthal, Psy.D. Clinical Psychologist