Love Your Writing Style - Guest Interview with Nikki


There are people you admire and then there are people who make you go gah gah crazy when you learn from them. For me, that person is Nikki, Communication Stylist and all out amazing human being. In this interview she shares a wealth of information about finding your style, overcoming your writers' block and learning to enjoy the creative process.

Take notes - this girl is on fire!

Nikki spent seven years as a part-time college professor (and three years serving as a park ranger at Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial) before launching her own business as The Communication Stylist® in April 2013.

Through the launch of her flagship program A Course About Copy™ in 2014, she’s been able to grow a purpose-driven, multi-six-figure business by helping entrepreneurs communicate with clarity, purpose, and good ol’ authenticity.

Nikki's a proud Texan currently living in sunny Honolulu with her Navy man and their Ninja-Turtle-loving three-year-old - and that's where she joins us from today.

ACAC is open now, and you can visit (or to check out the free video training + get some of her best writing tips in one spot !