Love Your Writing Style - Guest Interview with Nikki

There are people you admire and then there are people who make you go gah gah crazy when you learn from them. For me, that person is Nikki, Communication Stylist and all out amazing human being. In this interview she shares a wealth of information about finding your style, overcoming your writers' block and learning to enjoy the creative process.

Take notes - this girl is on fire!

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Publishing a book as a therapist

A hybrid training and live interview with an established publisher.

A hybrid training and live interview with an established publisher.

You are a therapist, and you have a great book idea.

Now what? 

We talk to therapists regularly who want to write a book. There are a lot of reasons you may consider becoming a published author: 

  • Establishing yourself as an expert

  • Developing yourself as a speaker

  • A deep desire to make big change in the world

  • A way to fill up your private practice

  • An additional stream of income

Whatever the reason you are considering writing a book, there are a lot of options you have for writing, publishing, and marketing your book. We've talked a bit about self-publishing with our free training on how one therapist successfully launched an e-book. However, traditional publishing has some major advantages as well. What publishing route you choose should be based on your goals, preferences, and big vision.

How to find a publisher for your book

Today we have something really fun for you. A quick hybrid training where we are going to give you some specific questions to ask a prospective publisher to determine if they are the right spot for your fabulous book idea. We call it a hybrid- because we have YouthLight publishing with us- and we test out the questions we recommend you ask- so you get to see us interview a real, live publisher who loves to publish therapists.

Spoiler alert: They not only love to set their authors up with workshops all over the country (and sometimes around the world) but they also have a distribution list of 4 BILLION people! To be honest- I was shocked as you probably are right now! I had no idea just how big these guys were until I started interviewing them. 

Wasn't Kelly a sweetheart for sitting down with us? We were so lucky to be seated right next to her doing the conference. I saw she was selling books, but didn't go much deeper into her business initially. (Instead we shared pictures of our kids, went to lunch together, and laughed a ton). However, as we spent time together over the week- more came out about her business, and I realized I was about to miss a golden opportunity! 

Side note about networking at conferences: 

As exhibitors at the American Play Therapy's Annual Conference, it was interesting to see people looking terrified to stop, look, and have a chat. I get it. I don't want to be "sold" to any more than the next person. However, if you stop and get to know people- you might be pleasantly surprised at what you will find out- and how awesome things can happen! (FYI: We weren't there to sell anybody anything). 

In fact, several people reluctantly stopped at our booth (for the yummy snacks or because I said hello), and they quickly said- I'm not in private practice. I'd find out a bit more about them, and many of them were in the licensure process- so I'd hook them up with the pre-licensed blog and the free online study group for licensing exams and they got to walk away with cool, free resources! 

I can't speak to everyone at these conferences- but I can tell you Kelly and I are there to be helpful, meet awesome people, and have a great time! 

Ok- back to the exciting stuff! You can submit your book proposal to YouthLight Publishing today. Can't wait to see some of our fabulous community members get published! Post your vision, ideas, or questions below! 

Therapist vs Blog 2013 Why Don't People (Google, Employers, Colleagues) SEE me?


This is actually a really common question that I get asked from therapists, counselors, and psychologists in about a million different ways.

The way it gets asked might be centered around finding a job, getting a book published, or getting clients calling- but it always comes back to the same theme (and we as therapists and healers know about themes): Why doesn't anybody notice me?

Why? Because you aren't showing yourself!

Yep, I said it... It might just be your own fault!

Therapist after therapist sit inside of their office doing amazing work, sharing expertise, working long hours, reading, studying, and training... They are SO good at that!

But, when it comes to sharing their expertise in the world, they have a very narrow idea of how to do that. What are the ways therapists are "allowed" to share their expertise:

- A training requested by a group or other professionals. - An article requested by a professional group or community group. - Answering questions asked one on one.

But, how do people know you do trainings or know your expertise and style if they haven't met you? How does someone know if you are good writer if they haven't read anything you have written, and how do people know what questions you might be able to answer if they don't know a thing about you?

If you want people to SEE you, you need to SHOW yourself. I know it is scary, and intimidating, and so on. But, it is important, and powerful. Yes, I said powerful. People really want to SEE you, your expertise. You can still keep professional boundaries- while sharing where your passions lie and the kind of problems you help with. You can also do it without being icky, pushy, and salesy!

A blog is a technical tool that helps you be seen by Google, by Employers, by Colleagues, by Referral Sources, etc. Do you want to be seen? Do you want the phone to be ring? Then, understanding the pros and cons of blogging and how to do it effectively is incredibly powerful for you! 

Until next time-

ZynnyMe FREE Web Event!

Miranda Palmer, LMFT of ZynnyMe is honored to be invited to speak at the 2011 Therapist Leadership Virtual Conference, June 13-24th. This is event is completely free to listen to live over the phone or via the internet. I will be giving real, down to earth technology advice regarding smart phones in my video presentation titled "SmartPhones, Iphones, & Androids, Oh My
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