Therapist vs Blog 2013 Why Don't People (Google, Employers, Colleagues) SEE me?


This is actually a really common question that I get asked from therapists, counselors, and psychologists in about a million different ways.

The way it gets asked might be centered around finding a job, getting a book published, or getting clients calling- but it always comes back to the same theme (and we as therapists and healers know about themes): Why doesn't anybody notice me?

Why? Because you aren't showing yourself!

Yep, I said it... It might just be your own fault!

Therapist after therapist sit inside of their office doing amazing work, sharing expertise, working long hours, reading, studying, and training... They are SO good at that!

But, when it comes to sharing their expertise in the world, they have a very narrow idea of how to do that. What are the ways therapists are "allowed" to share their expertise:

- A training requested by a group or other professionals. - An article requested by a professional group or community group. - Answering questions asked one on one.

But, how do people know you do trainings or know your expertise and style if they haven't met you? How does someone know if you are good writer if they haven't read anything you have written, and how do people know what questions you might be able to answer if they don't know a thing about you?

If you want people to SEE you, you need to SHOW yourself. I know it is scary, and intimidating, and so on. But, it is important, and powerful. Yes, I said powerful. People really want to SEE you, your expertise. You can still keep professional boundaries- while sharing where your passions lie and the kind of problems you help with. You can also do it without being icky, pushy, and salesy!

A blog is a technical tool that helps you be seen by Google, by Employers, by Colleagues, by Referral Sources, etc. Do you want to be seen? Do you want the phone to be ring? Then, understanding the pros and cons of blogging and how to do it effectively is incredibly powerful for you! 

Until next time-