Stop Filing... Because Filing Sucks!

Ok... so maybe we can't eliminate all filing, but I think we could eliminate about 90% of it! Here is why we want to try to eliminate filing:

1. It sucks... time, energy, your will to live (just kidding) 2. It is a favorite thing to procrastinate (so let's take it off the to-do list!) 3. The more complex your filing system becomes- the harder it is to keep up with and to locate items 4. The more you file, the more likely you are to lose things 5. Not everything fits in a neat little category.

What about the 10%? That 10% is going to look differently for everyone, but here is what my 10% looks like:

1. Anything tax document related. I have one little file folder that everything gets shoved into for tax time (no not every receipt- those are stored electronically at the time I get them and tossed). 2. Anything client related... but I have electronic records. I want my client information to be easy to find and locate. However, because it is electronic there is almost no paper to file!)

Everything else gets dumped into electronic format. And guess what- besides deciding if I want a file to be accessible to me on any computer or smartphone (via DropBox)- everything gets lumped together! Why? Because as I said before- filing sucks- *and *there is a better way!

Why share this? Because we want your business and your personal life to run smoothly. If you are bogged down in filing at home or at work- we know it is an energy and time drain! And we want you to live a fabulous, joyful life! So stop filing- filing sucks!