Video Tutorial: Websites, Email, and Time-Saving Oh My!

We have been having SO much fun with our free Website 101 E-Course for Therapists, Helpers, and Healers. We have been getting comments and emails flooding in that tell us what we made is actually helping people! In fact, we got feedback that we crystallized weeks of one therapists website research into one 30 minute video! Woohoo!!!!! 

We are all about saving time! So today, we are going to help you with an e-mail time-saver! This is compliments of Uriah Guilford- a therapist who does awesome work with teen boys who are struggling. I am a huge fan of e-mail and use it as my daily to-do list and a way to provide exemplary customer service to my clients (hopefully)- so this just saved me at least 10 minutes a day! 

There is a service called that helps you clean up that inbox! I found out I had subscribed to over 200 newsletters over a few e-mail addresses! And it took me about 6 minutes to unsubscribe from over 100 of them! How would you like to have less of the stuff you don't want in your daily e-mail so you can focus on what you do? (If you don't want that you are crazy!). So here is a quick video that I almost didn't record because I was enjoying clicking "unsubscribe" so much I almost forgot! It will show you how it works, and then show you live how to install and use it for your gmail, google apps, or yahoo email. They are working on other mail clients like AOL- but they aren't quite there yet!