Encrypted Computer Syncing

So we are big fans of DropBox which allows you to have a folder that you can share between computers, and even access any of the files via a login on the dropbox website. 

We use it ALL the time, but NOT for our private practice or any sensitive data! Why? Because there are some security holes with that awesome free product that make us a bit nervous about trusting medical data (like mental health records) to this cloud storage. However, this new one put some security in place that just might make it viable to have syncing between a work laptop and your home desktop. 

Note: I do not store ANYTHING of mental health records on my laptop or desktop. Everything is stored securely in my paperless office. But, I know a lot of therapists who are storing information on their laptop or desktop and not encrypted... 

Here is a wonderful article (that isn't too terribly techy) that also gives you a link to get 50GB of free encrypted storage (that is a LOT of free storage) that is only good until the end of the month. 

So get your free 50gb of free encrypted storage (in case you ever need it). And, if we get enough comments asking for it- we will post a quick video tutorial showing you exactly how to use it.