Video Tutorial: Websites, Email, and Time-Saving Oh My!

We have been having SO much fun with our free Website 101 E-Course for Therapists, Helpers, and Healers. We have been getting comments and emails flooding in that tell us what we made is actually helping people! In fact, we got feedback that we crystallized weeks of one therapists website research into one 30 minute video! Woohoo!!!!! 

We are all about saving time! So today, we are going to help you with an e-mail time-saver!

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The Tech Savvy Office

Imagine, if you will, the ultimate in tech savviness for your office. What do you see? I mean...your office might start to look like a scene from Star Trek. But at Zynnyme, we like to keep things simple. These are our top must haves for getting your office tech savvy
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Top 10 Reasons Therapists Should Build Their Own Website

I can't count the amount of therapist who know they need a website, and want to find someone do it for them... for about $300... Do you really know someone who can write a book you would want to put your name to? Check out our article about why getting a website is like writing a book. I thought I would put my thoughts into a fun Top 10:
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