The Tech Savvy Office

Imagine, if you will, the ultimate in tech savviness for your office. What do you see? I mean...your office might start to look like a scene from Star Trek. But at Zynnyme, we like to keep things simple. These are our top must haves for getting your office tech savvy:

1. A website - a fun website that you use. Not a static bookmark in internetland. We are talking something that give relevant information and attracts more clients. This might include using social media and blogging too! That would be bonus points for you! If you need help with that, go here

2. Electronic Payments - that's right, take a credit card or debit card. Your clients will appreciate it and you will get more of a guarantee of payment.

3. Electronic Billing - if you take insurance, gone are the days of filling out forms by hand. Do it online and do it for free. 

4. Paperless - we have talked about it and it may be getting boring, but we REALLY believe in going paperless. To find out more go here. File cabinets are tacky and outdated and you can save trees!

5. Online Appointment scheduling - make it even easier for someone to schedule with you. Whether you use Full Slate, Genbook, or OpenCal...we really recommend you trying this for your practice. And since you will have a website, you can have that handy "book now" button on there too!

6. Email - not just any email, but secure email and specific to your website. No more,,, or ! You may want to use hushmail to ensure your email is safe and secure.

7. Hardware - by that we mean a computer, laptop or tablet (iPad for example) and a scanner. Really, you don't even need a fax machine if you want a service that scans faxes and emails them to you. 

7 Things...that's it! Feel overwhelmed - we want to help you! We LOVE helping people with this stuff. Give us a call, put a comment below or email us.