Happy Anniversary to Zynnyme!

We are at the CAMFT conference in San Diego this weekend. This marks the one year anniversary since we launched our Website in 30 Days Program. It has been a whirlwind. Not only have we been empowering therapists across the country to build their own websites, we are now partners with Your Tango Experts, we do custom built websites, have done countless trainings on social media and tech tools for therapists - like Argonaut Software, gone to conferences and just overall have met some wonderful people.

Thank you for a wonderful first year! We look forward to helping you grow and thrive in your business. -Kelly and Miranda

A Technofabulous Office - the Paperless Options

Before you say anything, don’t look at your office and the file cabinets. Just because you have files, doesn’t mean you can’t go paperless! If you have a private practice or a group practice, you can start now and deal with your file cabinets later. Don’t let scanning and such deter you
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The Tech Savvy Office

Imagine, if you will, the ultimate in tech savviness for your office. What do you see? I mean...your office might start to look like a scene from Star Trek. But at Zynnyme, we like to keep things simple. These are our top must haves for getting your office tech savvy
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Credit Card Lesson

So Miranda has shared a hard lesson she learned that cost her a lot of money. You can read more about that here. I thought it fitting to share my expensive lesson :) I wouldn’t want you thinking we are perfect but I do want you to learn from our mishaps. I started my private practice on my own, no coach, no mentor, just some friends I could email on occasion. I used the manual that CAMFT provides. I knew I wanted allow my clients to use their debit credit card for payment. So many options!
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Going Paperless - It is possible

Paperless? What? I could never do that!... I have heard it all. However, I remember when I had to switch offices and that meant loading up my file cabinet. I thought, "I never want to move again if I have to lug all this stuff with me." Then came keeping up with the paper. It was a drag. Keeping copies of billing, forms, ect. And let me also remember how I had to do everything in my office because that was where the files were. There was that time I visited a colleague and their entire wall was lined with 5 drawer file cabinets. That is a lot of file cabinets to dust and secure to the wall in case of an earthquake. I could go into a little speech on how it saves trees, but I will spare you. Everyone thinks I am crunchy and granola as it is. 

Going paperless in our practices is so convenient not just for us but for our clients as well. They can call us, asking that we speak to their physician and Voila! They log online, sign a release, and I can call right then and there. It is less for me to track and I love it. We also love Argonaut Software. You can go paperless, but that means you have to do your own encryption (in other words, making the file extra secure) and have a back up hard drive that you take with you. Argonaut does this for you. I don't have to back up my files or do any encryption. 

Just imagine for a second what it would be like to not have charts, file cabinets, folders, sticky notes, and on and on. We'd think you'd feel more free to do what you love. We'd think that you wouldn't dread documenting your notes or keeping up with additional forms. We'd think, you would love it! If you aren't convinced, call us. We'd be happy to share more about how it can work. With a little bit of coaching, you can make the transition with ease. 

Zynnyme: To no longer need a bandaid for your papercuts.