Credit Card Lesson

So Miranda has shared a hard lesson she learned that cost her a lot of money. You can read more about that here. I thought it fitting to share my expensive lesson :) I wouldn’t want you thinking we are perfect but I do want you to learn from our mishaps. 

I started my private practice on my own, no coach, no mentor, just some friends I could email on occasion. I used the manual that CAMFT provides. I knew I wanted allow my clients to use their debit credit card for payment. So many options! And I knew that I wanted the ability to charge the card myself in case of no shows. (Not everyone does it that way. You don’t have to, it is just my thing.) So I set off to research all the options. Some of these we talk about in our Build Your Website in 30 days program found here. I read other peoples opinions and reviews and went with what I thought was the best option for me. 

Low and behold I find myself signing a 3 year contract. “Hello Kelly!”, that should have been a sign there! From what I was reading 2 to 3 years was standard and I thought to myself “hey, I am in this for the long haul.” So how it worked was I paid a monthly fee and then a percentage of what was charged went to the credit card companies. Did I read the fine print...sorta. Did I understand what I read...not really. 

And then I get a coach for my practice and make all sorts of cool changes that make my practice awesome. I found a better option for me for my credit cards through my Argonaut Software package...check them out on our Zynny Loves page

Ok, so now I am thinking...well I just have to suck up the $15 per month for the next 2 years because I signed this silly contract. I only used them for a couple of months and if I break the contract then they charge me a lot of money. Then I get a notice about a new fee, thanks to changes with the IRS. (And of course, my contract, that I didn’t really read, states they can make changes like this if needed.) 

So I call anyway to see about getting out of the contract. 5 phone numbers later I speak to someone who, after complaining about the IRS and governmental regulations, agrees to let me out of the contract for $195. Ok, the extra fees they were going to charge me and such, it made sense to get out of the contract for that price. But geesh, that was money just wasted down the drain. Such a bummer. 

What is great is that when something doesn’t work for you, you know a good thing when you find it. I think a lot of people I coach and speak with keep doing things the same way because it is familiar, even though not functional. That was what was happening with my credit card dilemma. But once I found what worked...I knew it right was easy, made me more money, and didn’t hassle me. 

We would love to hear more from you about how you handle credit cards. Call us if you need more support in making decisions about credit cards in your business.