What is technology coaching and why business owners need it:

Have you ever had a really good idea? I mean, a really good idea... an idea that made your body tingle with excitement and energy? And then quickly came crashing down with the reality that you had no idea HOW to implement your reality? Or, became overwhelmed with how to connect with other people to make your vision a reality? 

When I talked to people about their vision, it most cases technology has found a way to make that vision a reality! So, if technology has made it possible to do just about anything... why do we all get so frustrated with technology? 

There are A LOT of options out there! In fact, many of you may think there are TOO MANY options. And, these options are sometimes written in a whole different language. And this is the spot where you consider hiring your own technology coach. 

What is a technology coach? 


  • Guide: Imagine you are in a foreign country. A fabulous guide will help you get the best food, the cleanest bathrooms, avoid accidently selling yourself as a prostitute, and will help get you to the most amazing, breathtaking spaces in this place. The more exotic your locale, the more important you choose a fabulous coach.

  • Interpreter: Back to that traveling analogy- you need someone who can help translate for you. Translation is when someone literally translates from one language to another. However, you need MORE than a translator- you need an interpreter. An interpreter will translate what you MEAN, the IDEA- not just what you said. If you have ever gotten stuck talking to a "geek" you know how valuable this is.

  • Coach: A coach helps you take the skills that you have to the next level. They help you recognize what you are already good at, places where you need work, and give you specific strategies to improve your skill level and confidence. A coach also helps to keep an eye on the "big game" or the big picture to make sure you can really compete.

I love my job as a technology coach! I am working with business owners every day who have fabulous visions that make my skin tingle- and I get to help them navigate all of the options and find the perfect solution for them. Some fun things I've gotten to help people with in the last week: 


  • finding their voice on their website- learning how to write to their potential clients in a way that gets the phone ringing.

  • getting them seen on Google with some search engine optimization (SEO).

  • hooking someone up with some fancy stuff by working with a geeky coder to get things set up just perfectly!

  • helping a few small businesses with two phone numbers switch over to a free option for having a direct line for people to contact.

  • and so much more!


I love the flexibility of the work that I do, and that people's faces brighten up when I'm able to help them solve a problem that has been stressing them out! Technology coaching is all about removing stress! 

Until next time-Miranda

Technology Coach for Real People