What the heck is that # thingy on twitter???

Hashtagging -No, I am not talking about drugs or graffitti. We are talking about that little thingy - the # before all those tweets you might see on twitter. What is it? Well, when you tweet it is usually about a topic. Twitter has a search function that allows people to find information based on keywords or topics. If you put a # before a keyword people can find your tweets if they are searching for that word. So, let’s say you like baseball and want to connect with others that tweet about baseball. You could search for the word baseball and find others to follow and connect with about your favorite sport. So if you want to be found for a certain topic then you would hashtag a keyword by putting the # before it. For example, I write a lot about mindfulness. So in my tweets I might say “ #mindfulness helps us cope with daily fears” If I say something but the topic is not implicit in the text then you can hashtag the keyword at the end. “Frustrated by traffic but trying to stay present. #mindfulness” 

Some tips:

  • Don’t hashtag every word in your tweet. Only hashtag what is necessary. - Sure the logic might be that if you put a # before every word then someone will find you. But really you want to be relevant to people, not annoy them.

  • If you want to hashtag a 2 word phrase such as "San Diego" then put them words together #SanDiego

  • You don't have to hashtag every tweet. Again, use only if important to the topic.

  • Think about your business, what you do, what you love and what information you have that people need. This is what you tweet about. Think about who you want to connect with. It could be people in your community, people with similar interests, or people that share information you need. These are the people you search for and follow.

Hashtagging is one way people are brought together on twitter, network and share information. Looking forward to seeing you on Twitter!