How to stretch more time out of your old laptop!

Everybody has a lot of irritations and frustrationgs about technology. While there are complaints about software- there is nothing more irritating than the piece of hardware you have not working right! Before you run out and drop a bunch of money on a tablet, a laptop, or a new PC, here are some things to do that might just stretch out the usefullness of your PC. 

1. Adjust your energy savings: This one is going to seem silly. It might seem like it should go at the bottom of the list, but since I have used this with several clients lately, I thought I should share. If your eyes are crossing while trying to see your laptop- you may have your laptop on "power save" mode. Suck that power by putting it in a Superior Performance mode. You'll see that screen brighten before your eyes making it much easier to see! 

2. Get that fun little laptop a tune-up. What should a tune-up include? Make sure your operating system is up to date, you have updated virus protection, and they do any necessary "cleaning." Take it to a professional place and look for it to cost under $100 (or so). If they can give you more ram for $20- say yes! (Just Trust Me). 

3. Think about back-ups or web based storage. If you think your website is really on its way out, ask someone you trust to set up a program like to make sure your important documents and folders are backed up- so if your computer does "crash" unexpectedly-your data is protected. 

Hope these fun little tips from your friendly technology coach helps you to get the most out of your laptop and allow you to focus on getting down what you can get done and getting out of the house!


P.S. Kelly and I, your two fabulous technology coaches are in the same zip code and have some fabulous plans in the works! We are off to Thai food and possibly some Bikram Yoga a bit later! (She doesn't know it yet though)!