Technology Coaching - What is it?

First I was a therapist and then I became a tech coach. So when people ask what I do, I tell them I do both. On occasion people ask me "what it technology coaching? How do you do that? What do you coach on?" So I thought I would put in a catch all blog that talks in general about technology coaching and what makes it so special.


  • It's about getting support when you use technology. Technology can include devices (iphone, desktop, laptop) and software (word, photoshop, jing).

  • We make technology easier to understand. I work really hard to speak like a normal person (every now and again I need a reminder). I don't speak html, css code or any of that stuff. I make it so people get it. Technology is something people can relate to.

  • We help you focus on the technology you NEED. Stop spending money on gadgets and products if it doesn't meet your business plan (short run and long run).

  • We are therapists that know the specific technologies that therapists need to keep information secure and private. We GET IT!

  • We train our clients on how to not only pick the right technology but learn to use it fully. That is something we believe saves our clients money. For example, we created a program to teach you to build your own website as a therapist. We know you can do it so you don't have to pay someone to do it for you. It is EMPOWERING!!!

  • We treat Technophobia - extreme, intense fear of technology. With our help, you can overcome this phobia and no longer be afraid.


We love helping people. That is why we train people across the country via phone, skype or webinar. Oh, and did I mention we love to travel too! This weekend we will be in San Jose helping out local CAMFT chapters assess their technology needs. So if you need us, give us a call!

Super Shrinks

I got a chance to attend the Super Shrinks Conference today with Scott Miller, PHD as the speaker. He was phenomenal! A Super Shrink is the unusually effective and talented psychotherapist. Through Scott’s research it became evident that Super Shrinks are always seeking consultation, engaging with questions, and trying to figure out what they need to improve. It is about improving our outcomes as therapists and not settling in our comfort zones. It got me thinking not only about how we need to seek to grow in our clinical skill but in our technological skill as well.
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The Tech Savvy Office

Imagine, if you will, the ultimate in tech savviness for your office. What do you see? I mean...your office might start to look like a scene from Star Trek. But at Zynnyme, we like to keep things simple. These are our top must haves for getting your office tech savvy
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Happily Married...Really?

As therapists, we see people in our offices, determined to make a relationship work, when sometimes to us, it is evident that it is not going to work. As technology consultants, we see the same thing! Let me explain. I built my first website, all on my own using iWeb. I had a new MacBook that I loved and thought, heck why not use the free software to build my website.
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A Word of Encouragement

Here is a short video by yours truly, Kelly Higdon sharing about how going paperless and integrating technology has made running a private practice easier, more profitable, and made my LIFE better. 

You can do this! If you have fears about technology - email us at