Well that just made my day!

So, I was using Google to pull up the description I had used for an old presentation. Truth is, sometimes Google can be a very fast way to pull up information- even things i have written or done! I was super surprised to find a review of a training I had given to a group of therapists last year! I even found I had inadvertently stolen a great catchphrase from the wonderful Melissa Barry at http://www.itscurrie.com/ Whoops!

Thank you to Eva Tak <http://www.linkedin.com/pub/eva-tak/32/636/29b> and Sacramento Valley CAMFT <http://www.svc-camft.org/>- you were wonderful to present for!

“Technology: Letting Go of Fear and Embracing Freedom”, presented by Miranda Palmer, LMFT of the Valley Sierra Chapter CAMFT. Miranda held our attention with her interactive style of presenting. She definitely took the “SH” out of “IT”! The material of her presentation was practical and helpful. I made up my mind to go “paperless” and to use technology to make charting and bookkeeping easier. The manner in which she presented the information was easy to comprehend, even for the most computer phobic attendee.

The material was specific to the work of a clinician, software that is affordable, useful and proven to be reliable. In her handout she listed the following:

• Software for practice management – charting, CMS-1500, credit card processing, automatic reminders, customized online forms, etc. • “Cloud” storage of encrypted records – providing greater security and eliminating the need for multiple filing cabinets for “ancient and dusty” records of old. • Software that allows for shared files in multiple locations, i.e. laptop, PC, smart phone, tablets. • Scheduling software, calendars, personalized emails, website creation and management, bookkeeping, blogging • Smart phone apps that are useful to your clients – mood tracking, PTSD management, relaxation and information apps

Miranda discussed the importance of accessibility and how that can be provided via our websites, at any time of day or night. She is available for questions on Facebook at http://facebook.com/zynnyme.

Using the available technology can definitely enhance your practice by making it easier to keep up with charting, contact with your current and potential clients, bookkeeping, visibility and providing services to your clients. Take the leap into this millennium, not so scary when you have the support of a pro like Miranda! Submitted by: Eva Tak, MFT

(Seriously? How do I get to go and speak for such amazing groups? I am such a lucky gal!) If you have an awesome group that needs a chat about integrating technology effectively into your business- let us know!