A Great Therapy Website: A Little Inspiration

At the end of the day, a great therapy website is one that is easily found by the person who needs it most, and makes that person feel hopeful and inspired. When people feel hope, when they feel inspired- they are motivated to make a move, a shift. The truth is, there are a lot of people in the world that want change, that need change- but they are scared that they can't do it.

Your job as a therapist is to meet people where they are at, come along side them and help them eliminate obstacles to reaching their goals. A great therapy website can do that!

I get calls every day from people who are thankful to have found my office and my practice. In fact, the biggest problem I have had with my therapy website has been getting too many calls and having to figure out strategies to keep things working (like hiring other licensed therapists to contract with my practice).

You can do this too! In fact, your community wants you to do this! There is nothing more frustrating to a person in need then looking and feeling like there is no help, there is no support, there is nobody who understands what they are going through.

You might think you don't know anything about websites. But websites are all about people (gasp!) and you know A LOT about people!

So, I hope today gives you a little inspiration to start moving forward on building your therapy website, or even checking out therapy website designers. You might check out our Video Coaching Program that walks you step-by-step through taking your private practice to the next level through building a website <http://zynnyme.com/do-it-yourself-website/>. And, we don't just share about websites- we also share about how our website integrate into our practices, how we use them effectively with clients to streamline and leave more time for face to face therapy (the part we all love!)

Oh... and we are cooking something exciting for you guys... something cool, something free, something we think you are going to love... any guesses on what it could be? A guess below will enter you into a contest for an extra freebie! We will do the drawing when we get 15 entries ;0)