30 days and now I have my site!

Congratulations to one of newest website launches. While we love patting our own backs when we launch a client's custom websites- truth be told it isn't our favorite thing in the world (and we LOVE building websites). 

Our favorite thing is empowering others to build their own website! Maybe we are both therapists at heart, but there is something about not just giving someone something awesome- but helping someone see that they are capable of it too that is just incredibly heart warming. Anna Osborn, a Marriage and Family Therapist Miranda Palmer met at a CAMFT presentation in Sacramento is one of our newest graduated students. And, she has agreed to let us give her a big shout out! So check out her website below (click on it to go and peak around) and comment below! (And if you want, scroll down and see what Anna said about the process of launching her fully redesigned and rewritten website in just under a month! 

Miranda and Kelly,

Thank you both so much for helping me build an amazing site that I'm super proud of. I've included my answers to your guy's survey. Thanks again for helping me create such a great way to connect with people

1. Before I started program, I was overwhelmed at thought of creating another website. I did my own one 3 years ago and rarely made any changes or updates because it just seemed like so much work and didn't know where to start.

2. Most important thing I learned was that I can do it. I can connect with others via my site while staying true to myself. I love how I really feel my new site is a great representation of me and translates my voice.

3. Now that it is over, I feel so proud and a huge sense of accomplishment. I'm enjoying sharing my site with others because it is something I'm really proud of.

4. How to improve...I honestly can't think of one thing I'd change, except maybe I should have done it sooner!

5. I have and will continue to recommend ZynnyMe as you ladies know what you are doing and make it such a fun and empowering process.

6. PLEASE quote me. Thank you both.