Head's Up Regarding PayPal Here Card Reader Requests


Hey all,

Miranda here and I made a technological oops! I've been waiting for Paypal to send me a card reader so I could use them to take payments. I love Square, but it bums me out that I cant take subscription payments from them. It is easier to have everything in one place.

I got the exciting email this morning saying I could go through the mobile phone app and order my card reader- simple right? I'll be honest, when they started asking me certain questions, red flags went up. Why are they doing a credit check on me just to send me a card reader- weird right?

I finished it off, had them send me the card reader, only to get an e-mail: Congratulations! We received your Business Mastercard Application! What? Wow... I really must not have been paying attention at all! My bad!

And, on top of that- I had my card reader ordered, but it didn't give me the option to send one to Kelly too. So, I went back to the email to find out how I could order one for her. Only to find a link to a handy little comparison: https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/credit-card-reader

Apparently, one of the benefits when compared with Intuit and Square is that it "Comes with debit card with 1% cash back on eligible purchases":

Oh. Not what I was expecting. So, why am I sharing this? Especially when I just posted something? I want y'all to be VERY careful when filling out that Paypal form and let me know if I could've skipped that part, or whether Paypal is requiring people to apply for a Mastercard in order to use their swiper...

Let us know! Are you planning to take Paypal swipes? Did you have the same experience? Did Miranda just overlook an important opt out? (She clearly didn't read the terms of service carefully!)