When are you ready?

This year has flown by! I mean I can't believe it is December. We have been busy...a good kind of busy and are prepping for some awesome changes in the new year. We have had the pleasure of working with so many great therapists and small business owners this year. Really, it is so fun helping people see their businesses grow. 

We get a lot of inquiries about cost and what is involved in building a website. We follow up after we send a quote but sometimes, we don't hear back. And believe it or not, months later, we check just to see what happened and often find what happened was...Nothing. They researched and somehow, ended up keeping what wasn't working for them. We all have good intentions when it comes to our business. We want to market better, get a nice website, get more clients, and make more money. But, are you really ready? What is getting in the way of you moving forward?


  • You need a vision. Business is about the big picture. No one loves spending money and having to wait to see results, but that is what marketing is like sometimes. However, if you have a business plan and know where you want to be in the next 1, 5, or 10 years, you will be much more motivated to make positive decisions for your business.

  • You need a budget. Don't let me tell you what your budget should be. Really know how much you make and how much overhead you can absorb (keeping that big picture in mind, remember!). And be flexible about your budget. You may be only able to spend $400 on your marketing. But what you want, really costs $1000. However, it might be worth the investment if you know that in the long run what you want will generate more income for you down the road.

  • You need committment. Nothing worse than investing in something you don't care about or are burnt out doing. If you are burned out, then get help. Go to therapy, talk to a mentor or take a college class. Life is too short to do the things we hate. :) Nothing like passion to carry you through your business.


If you have a plan and vision, with a budget and committment then you are ready. If you feel ambivalent, then take a moment and get clear on what you are doing. We are hear to help you when you are ready. We work best with people that know what they want and are willing to do what is necessary to get there. 

Are you ready?