What is the Absolute FASTEST Way To Fill Your Practice?

What is the Absolute FASTEST Way To Fill Your Practice?

Starting a small business can be difficult. In fact, 50% of small businesses fail (close) within the first 5 years. That is not to say that "staying open" is a litmus of success. I have worked with many therapists who have been open past the 5 year mark whose practice is operating well below the poverty level.

To be successful in private practice, you need a steady stream of clients. You can have the most beautiful office, an amazing website, a great location, and fabulous skills to help people- but if nobody is calling... you do not have a viable business. 

We received this question and I think it beautifully sums out the question on a LOT of therapist's minds when they start a private practice: "What marketing strategies seem to have the very fastest results? Put another way, what would be your top three recommendations for a private practice, solo practitioner business to be able to find let's say 5 new clients a week for a month so that at the end of the month you would be pretty much full up? if that seems like too many too fast, then you could scale your answer down to just a couple of new clients weekly, but reliably! I really appreciate you considering answering but on the surface it seems like a pretty ridiculous question!"

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The Power of Proximity - Therapists in Community

The Power of Proximity - Therapists in Community

Joe Sanok from Practice of the Practice joins the podcast today to share about the power of community as you build your private practice. Check out his upcoming Killin’ It Camp here.

In this podcast we discuss:

  1. How the landscape of private practice community has changed

  2. How community can eliminate the hierarchy of learning and be more collaborative

  3. The importance of in person learning and relationship building

  4. What is needed for success in a community

  5. Why being in person is so valuable

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Financial Planning in Private Practice

Financial Planning in Private Practice

Maybe you have your tax planning, retirement, disability coverage and cash flow all figured out. But if you don't, this is for you. This is to encourage you to start learning, even in baby steps. I (Kelly) used to find this stuff intimidating. So I've reached out for support and every year, it gets better. I don't feel so fearful and I know what is currently going on in my business while I am reaching new personal and professional financial goals. 

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Entrepreneurship and Relationships - How to Stay Connected While Building a Private Practice

I reached out to Jenev because I was desperate to have you hear her message. More often than not, while we love building our practices, it can deter from our relationships and if we aren't fostering intimacy and connection, our relationship can take a back seat. I have seen it too often with therapists. We are not immune.

You can find out more about Dr. Jenev at www.mybestrelationship.com

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Integrating You into Private Practice : Interview with Renee, LMFT

I had met Renee online and just had an instant resonance with what she would share. She was kind enough to offer to meet for this interview where we talk about what it means to be out of the box as a therapist, how to integrate spirituality and be true to who you are while remaining ethical and impactful in your work.

Thank you Renee for sharing your wisdom. I am grateful. To learn from Renee or to book a consult with her - visit her site here. 

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How to Eliminate the Competition in Your Therapy Practice

How to Eliminate the Competition in Your Therapy Practice

When any new  business opens up shop, they take stock and observe who is around them. By my office we have what is called, Furniture Row. Every single store for several blocks, sells furniture. You see this with car dealerships as well. So how do those businesses survive when they are all in close proximity?

Therapists are no different.  There are some areas with buildings that are saturated with therapists. Whenever I hear “there is a lot of competition in my area” I get excited because 

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Love Your Writing Style - Guest Interview with Nikki

There are people you admire and then there are people who make you go gah gah crazy when you learn from them. For me, that person is Nikki, Communication Stylist and all out amazing human being. In this interview she shares a wealth of information about finding your style, overcoming your writers' block and learning to enjoy the creative process.

Take notes - this girl is on fire!

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Private Practice: Out of the box with intensive retreats

Out of the box therapy intensives

Out of the box therapy intensives

I LOVE meeting therapists who are thinking out of the box about the ways we can help heal our world. And no, I don't mean out of the box unethical, dangerous! I mean, well-trained, caring clinicians who are committed to providing excellent outcomes for clients. At the EMDRIA conference this week I met Dr. Ricky Greenwald in person. I have seen his name online via the EMDR listserve for several years, so it was fun to put a face to a name! And, fun to introduce myself because he had NO idea who the heck I was! 

Of course, I still convinced him to do a video interview with me! Be inspired by his story of launching intensive therapy retreats focused on great outcomes for clients. Watch below, and then post your questions, or your out of the box ideas for providing excellence in clinical services! 


How cool is this? A little brain storming about what to do with an empty apartment leads to a breakthrough about how to provide services to clients in need. You can learn more about Dr. Greenwald over at www.therapyretreat.org His organization provides advanced trauma training, his intensive therapy retreats, and is in the midst of publishing some awesome research! 

Are you inspired? Is your brain working? We hope so! Share your out of the box ideas in the comments below or post your questions! 

p.s. If you are thinking about doing something out of the box, we have an advanced training upcoming about the logistics of marketing something beyond the couch.

Therapist vs Blog 2013 Why Don't People (Google, Employers, Colleagues) SEE me?


This is actually a really common question that I get asked from therapists, counselors, and psychologists in about a million different ways.

The way it gets asked might be centered around finding a job, getting a book published, or getting clients calling- but it always comes back to the same theme (and we as therapists and healers know about themes): Why doesn't anybody notice me?

Why? Because you aren't showing yourself!

Yep, I said it... It might just be your own fault!

Therapist after therapist sit inside of their office doing amazing work, sharing expertise, working long hours, reading, studying, and training... They are SO good at that!

But, when it comes to sharing their expertise in the world, they have a very narrow idea of how to do that. What are the ways therapists are "allowed" to share their expertise:

- A training requested by a group or other professionals. - An article requested by a professional group or community group. - Answering questions asked one on one.

But, how do people know you do trainings or know your expertise and style if they haven't met you? How does someone know if you are good writer if they haven't read anything you have written, and how do people know what questions you might be able to answer if they don't know a thing about you?

If you want people to SEE you, you need to SHOW yourself. I know it is scary, and intimidating, and so on. But, it is important, and powerful. Yes, I said powerful. People really want to SEE you, your expertise. You can still keep professional boundaries- while sharing where your passions lie and the kind of problems you help with. You can also do it without being icky, pushy, and salesy!

A blog is a technical tool that helps you be seen by Google, by Employers, by Colleagues, by Referral Sources, etc. Do you want to be seen? Do you want the phone to be ring? Then, understanding the pros and cons of blogging and how to do it effectively is incredibly powerful for you! 

Until next time-

ZynnyMe FREE Web Event!

Miranda Palmer, LMFT of ZynnyMe is honored to be invited to speak at the 2011 Therapist Leadership Virtual Conference, June 13-24th. This is event is completely free to listen to live over the phone or via the internet. I will be giving real, down to earth technology advice regarding smart phones in my video presentation titled "SmartPhones, Iphones, & Androids, Oh My
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Reasons I can't Go Paperless

I have heard a lot of reasons why someone can't go paperless. Some of them are valid for that particular person- however many more of the reasons are based on misinformation. Well we all know how much therapists don't like cognitive distortions! Here are some of the myths and realities about counselors going paperless in their therapy practice: Myth #1: It is too complicated.
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Why Can't Someone Just Build My Site For Me?

Well the answer is someone can design and build your website for you, but they can't actually make you a website. I know that sounds bizarre. If you were going to write a book, where would you start? Would you start by contracting a graphic designer to develop cover art for your book? Would you talk to your child and ask them to develop an outline for your book and provide that back for you? Probably not!
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