Quiz: Should I Go Paperless? (Updated)

Should I invest in practice management software?

Should I invest in practice management software?

Are you a therapist, counselor, or psychologist trying to wade through all of the options for going paperless? Here is a quiz to find out if going paperless might be the right decision for you: 

  1. Do you ever find you miss progress notes or put off your progress notes for days or weeks?

  2. Are you drowning in insurance paperwork that leaves you feeling stressed every time you look at it?

  3. Have you ever lost money when working with a client due to poor documentation or late documentation?

  4. Have you ever forgotten to collect a bill?

  5. Do you find yourself avoiding charging for missed sessions due to the "trouble" of sending a bill?

  6. Do you spend more than 5 minutes a week printing out superbills or CMS-1500s for your clients?

  7. Does your office staff get access to complete clinical data when doing work for you?

  8. Have you considered hiriing office staff or outsourcing certain things that stress you out?

  9. Do you LOVE your work- but get bogged down in the business aspects of things?

  10. Would you love to streamline your private practice so you can focus more on your clinical work?

  11. Are you just starting out and creating a new practice from scratch?

If you answered yes to at least 2 of these questions you are probably a candidate- if you answered yes to more than 6- you NEED to go paperless! Your life and your practice will be much better and will free you up to love your practice again.

2 Tips on Making the Transition Easy on You AND Your Clients

1. Focus on the needs of your clients. 

The truth is, your clients don't want you to be stressed out or underpaid. They respect you and trust you. They assume you are taking care of all of the details so they can sit down and do the work with you. Your clients need you to go paperless. They want you to go paperless. Optional automated reminders, online intakes, being able to use their bank card instead of carrying around checks- these are becoming standard practice in the medical field. When the process feels overwhelming- sit down and list all the ways this could really free you and your clients up to do more great work! 

2. Keep it Simple! 

Don't worry about going back and scanning your client's entire file right now. In fact, going paperless can be a great excuse to update everyone's contact information to make sure everything is correct going forward. Think of this as the second file for your client- as if you ran out of room in the first file folder. Ask your client to complete your updated intake, and then simply start charting from the next appointment! 

So, how do you get started? 

Our favorite practice management system currently is Simple Practice. It was developed by the inventor of TrackYourHours.com and a trained therapist. It is simple, intuitive, and is rolling out new features all the time. 

"Love your work again by making your clinical work the bulk of what you do- and using technology to minimize the rest of it." Kelly Higdon, LMFT