Why are you hiding?

I love playing hide and seek with my daughter. Oh we laugh and have fun! But then there is a point in the game where if she can't find me right away, she gets frustrated. I can hear it in her voice. The way she says "momma" and how it doesn't sound fun anymore. 

This is what it is like for our potential clients. The idea of getting help is a mixed bag of emotions - excitement, fear, readiness - but then they start to look. And honestly, it is freakin' hard! Have you ever gone through all the Psychology Today profiles in your area? Have you ever tried finding websites? Especially if you have relational issues. Man...everyone in this field helps with that! How do you know who to choose?

They embark on a search and they become tired of it. I get calls from people saying "You are the first out of 15 people to answer your phone!" or "I have this long list from my insurance company and I don't even know how to pick a person."

We aren't making the choice easy for them. We aren't conveying why they need US. Part of putting your business out into the world is conveying your value. If you can justify why your $5 hamburger is better than the $1 hamburger...I am going to buy the $5 because I can see the value. 

Imagine a world where your message is clear and it is out there! You aren't hiding. You aren't frustrating to find. NO! You are open, vulnerable and capable of helping them. The avoidance of marketing not only hurts your business, it is hurting those that need you. When you get over yourself and your fears and put yourself out there, it is a win-win.

So yeah, we decided for my birthday to do our webinar one more time. I am cooking up some new ideas for another webinar. But if you want to hear more about what it means to have a clear message, then you should sign up here.  STOP hiding your businesses. START doing more of what you love!