I remember the feeling, "How am I going to do this?" Fears bubbling up - fears about bills, money, time, relationships - all because I wanted desperately needed a change in my life. I wanted to do something different. I didn't want to work for the man the woman for anyone, anymore. But how do you go from a cushy salary to working for yourself? Well...here is what I have learned still experience in my life.


  • You need support - If you have friends or family cheering you on, the road to independence is a lot easier. Especially if you have a life partner - if they don't support you, it will be difficult. I am fortunate. My husband has often believed in me more than I have believed in myself. So, the days I came home, tired and freaking out, he would remind me of what I was doing and why I was doing it. You need someone to talk you off the ledge and light a fire under you to get you going. For me, I also got a coach...who walked along side me and held me accountable.

  • You need a vision - Vision is grounding. It brings us back to our purpose and drive. Imagine the life you are wanting to create. Are you working 80 hours a week? Are you taking 3 months off in the summer to travel? Are you working from home? Having a sense of what you want will help you plan a business that works FOR YOU. (By the way, we all want different things. Don't compare. This is a journey of self discovery and what you want will change over time. Don't worry, so will your business.)

  • You need to know your value - What are you offering to the world? What makes you unique? This is what determines your business plan. You might know how to get a couple to communicate and have fun in the process. You might really be able to help trans gendered youth find their voice and feel comfortable in the world. You also might love teaching women how to take back their confidence and shine in any relationship. You don't "Just" do counseling. Anytime I hear "just" I hear devaluing. You are so much more than that.

  • You need a plan - A plan that includes a budget :) because investing in your business is key. It is true! When you invest iny our business you are going to see a greater return on your investment then if you sit in isolation trying to keep your head above water. You want a plan that has a targeted audience for your business, marketing strategies - both online and offline, and you need a schedule of implementation for you plan.


4 simple things to transition from the shackles of employment to self-employment. So easy right? No, it isn't. I am not going to say this has been easy. But it has been easier because of these things that I have done and learned over the years. People hear about our program - some are shocked, some think we are crazy and some are so thrilled they jump right in. We are part of their plan to getting to success. Gosh it feels good to keep people from repeating the same mistakes I made.

You are literally faced with a canyon that you can either jump or stay where you are. Where you are - well, you know this place. It is a road that is well worn and understood. What's on the other side of the canyon however - that is foreign territory. But there are some people over there. You can see them and each has their own unique place on the other side. Where you stand - it is crowded. Lot's of people are around you. How long do you want to hang out here, doing the same things with the same people? When are you going to be ready to make the jump?