Lost on facebook?

Got a direct message from a twitter follower sayin' they were lost on facebook. What's the point of all this social media stuff anyhow? So I thought I would share my thoughts on facebook for business. Personal is different then business, because of the strategy and purpose. 

What can facebook do for your business? 

  1. You can stay in touch with people that like what you do! People take their personal or business account, like your page and keep up with your updates and offerings.

  2. You can reach out to new people. Whether it be actually contacting people that are aligned with your business or posting an ad, you can reach people across the country in a way you never could do before.

  3. You can give back. Facebook is a great place to give tips and information for people that need your help.

  4. You can make money. WHAT? Seriously? Yes! Facebook is a definite part of our sales funnel. We reach people on facebook that end up purchasing our services - how awesome is that!

So you know what facebook can do for your business, but how???

It all comes down to planning and purpose. If your purpose (which means, this should be your purpose) is to generate more income - either by selling a product or your services - what you post will be different then if youe purpose were to inspire or brand yourself. We recommend our clients get out a calendar and use tools to schedule out their social media. It shouldn't be that you are on facebook all the time for your business. Once you get your plan and content in place, you just need to check your account daily.

Not sure how to set up your business account? Check out some you tube videos. Not sure what tools to use to make it simple? Check out Buffer, Hootesuite and facebook app for your phone. Not sure if you really need to do this at all??!!! Go back to your business plan and marketing strategy. But just know, people can't get help from you, if they can't find you.

You can search our blog for more tips and tricks for facebook. But I hope this clarifies just a little bit on what facebook is all about. Feel free to let us know what you would like us to write about or post questions on our facebook page!