How do we keep connected? Having a "list" as a helping professional.

Building a profitable private practice is a fun, inspiring thing! Every helper and healer has a different vision for how they want to reach out and heal people. 

But, it often boils down to one of two situations: 


  • You have a group of people that you know in your heart you can really help.

  • You intuitively know that if those people knew about you, and understood how you really helped that your practice would have a waiting list and couldn't keep up with demand.

  • But, your practice isn't full and doesn't have a waiting list- so clearly they don't know about you!


  • Wow... you've gotten the message out.

  • You have realized you CAN NOT keep up with demand.

  • You want to figure out a new way to support people beyond the therapy hour.

In both situations, what you really need to do is have a solid way to start to build up your "tribe" or group and easily contact them. 

When we talk about "a list" or "list building" we are talking about developing a way to easily contact your group of people who are really interested and inspired about what you are doing, or what you have to say. And while not every person who gets on your list is going to become your client immediately- we do know- over time- they are more likely to become your client (and to share your message)! 

Why? Because people work with people they know, like, and trust. Not only that, people sometimes have to be reminded of what is available to them. 

Have you ever been trying to make dinner plans and had someone suggest an amazing place to eat that you haven't been to in forever? How could you have forgotten about it?! (Like the amazing Brighter Side in Modesto, CA- out of the way little sandwich shop LOVE it!) 

You forget about it if you aren't reminded of it. And when someone mentions it- it is now top of mind- and you are more likely to go! 

Same thing with your list. When someone initially connects with you- they are giving you permission to keep them in the know. You have already inspired them towards change. When you share an article, a local resource, whatever- that reaches out to your group- they get excited and thankful that you are there to help. 

And, when they have needs and you can help- they purchase from you! And for those who never purchase from you or get your services- you may have still planted some amazing seeds and been a helper to them without ever meeting them! 

(I started a blog for pre-licensed people almost 10 years ago and have been shocked at conferences when groups of folks run up excited to tell me how my blog changed their life- that is just CRAZY- and awesome!) 

Building a list used to mean a snail mail list and meant spending a LOT of $ on postage and paper. Today, it usually means getting an e-mail list. It is a non-intrusive way to keep people up to date, and keep your business top of mind so people want your help. And, people really do want to hear from you. 

If you aren't building a list of e-mail subscribers via a website, when you give trainings, network, etc. and contacting those people at least every couple of months- you aren't creating the same impact you could in your community! 

Hope today's article inspires you today to start building a list! Get excited and build your private practice! Why? Because there are people out there who desparately need what you provide- and they don't even know you exist. They deserve to know! 

Until next time... 


p.s. Our fabulous virtual assistant, Lu, can help with "tech set-up" if you want to set-up your list, integrate sign-ups into your website. Contact her at