I don't do coffee anymore.


Ok, I do have coffee on occasion - with a girlfriend or a coaching client or by myself when I got no sleep the night before with a teething toddler. But really, I have re-evaluated my coffee time.  When I first started out in private practice, I rocked the face to face networking. Several coffees every week, networking groups, phone calls, and meetings - just anything I could do to get my name out there. And it was valuable. Truly. I met amazing people and did get a referral here or there.

And then my schedule started to shift. I had clients, not a full caseload but I was busy. All of the sudden my time just got more valuable, right? I had people paying to sit with me. So then when I got a request to have coffee, I started to feel a struggle between feeling like "I should" meet with them and knowing that I have other things that are priority. Does that mean I threw my relationships out the window? No! I just go more focused on how I spent my time. (There are other ways to maintain relationships outside of spending time in the coffee shop)

I find many therapists don't treat their schedule with respect. They don't value their time and thus end up busy but not seeing a return on their investment. Busy does not equal productive. Doing things out of what other's think you "should" do will only leave you feeling resentful. So if you want to have a coffee - great! Make it productive. Have a plan. Think of how you want to work with that person. See how it is going to benefit your practice. But if there are other things you can do to grow your practice, why not explore having a more laser focus. Marketing strategies have their value and are needed in any private practice.

So before you reach for your Pumpkin Soy Latte - just remember, every decision you make impacts your business and reflects how you value your time. Learn to treat yourself and your business with the respect that it deserves. 

PS. This blog is inspired in part by the people in our Rockin' Profitable Practice Accelerator Program (All of whom are launching new products in the next 2 weeks!!!) and by my mentor - because of him, I focus on the stuff that truly matters.