Do you need to change what you are doing?


Just in case you didn't know, I am not perfect. Yeah, big surprise huh?! But here is the cool part, I am getting better at listening to my heart and doing things that are more in line with who I am. And frankly, it is liberating. A few months ago, Miranda and I created a new webinar, "Uh Oh, I've got too many clients. What to do when your couch is full." Loved the title, but the webinar itself...meh. I don't know what it was, but it wasn't jiving for us. And the reality is we could have kept doing it. But why? I mean, why do something you don't like? 

So, we sucked up our pride and just called it what it is...and now we are revamping the whole webinar. If you don't really know us yet, we want to do more than inspire you (though I LOVE inpsiring you), we want you to walk away and say, I am going to change X in my practice or to create a new goal. Aha moments are what we love to give. 

So how about you? Are you doing something that isn't totally fitting you? When you put out a program, book, service package or whatever it is...does it reflect what you are all about? I hope so! Here is how you know if something is working or not. 2 things: 

  1. You feel passionate. You love what you are talking about and you could talk about it all day, KNOW what you are talking about. It is your expertise, your interest, the thing that gets you up in the morning. Ok, well maybe not that...for me that is a toddler and she is everything to me. But it is the thing that keeps you doing your business.

  2. There is a need. You have people that could really use what you have to offer. And when you do offer it, they love it. They want more! You get more positive feedback than negative AND the feedback is from who you intended to reach. Sometimes we get feedback, but it isn't helpful because it isn't intended for that person. It's like going to an expert on biology and asking them if you have a valid philosophical argument. So, take feedback within that context of who you intend to speak to.

If you decide - nope, this isn't working for me, then be open to some change. I know. It sucks when you put a lot of time into something. BUT it sucks more to have your life whittled away by something you don't LOVE to do and to be missing out on the people that need you most. And just so you know, we consider your feedback. We don't want our stuff to not be helpful. We truly want to help change our industry, your practice and your life. 

An Amazing Therapist

I am honored to know Keri Nola. She is a gal that I met in BSchool who I hit it off with, right away. I simply love her. I haven't coached her. I don't get paid by her. So why interview her for you guys? Inspiration. Plain and simple. She is an example of a thriving therapist and entrepreneur. And as we say, if you want to be great, surround yourself with greatness. We had fun talking about the journey into private practice, ways to connect with clients, fears and getting creative with building a business. Keri has a private practice and an awesome new way of helping people in her

Go Deeper Get Lighter

program. Feel free to check it out or email her directly at . PS. I have to ask...did you like having a video? Do you want more of these? Send me an email and let me know what you would like to see in our blogs.

Let's Get Creative


"You need a website! You need a brochure! Don't forget business cards! Get on Psychology Today!"

You have a great message and know how to help people, but how do they find you? I am sure some of the above ideas, you have heard before. Heck! I probably told you one or two of those. But let's get real for a minute...Marketing doesn't work without a plan or a purpose. So how do you figure out what you need?

Uh oh...back to that planning thing again Kelly? Yep! I know. Am I repeating myself...maybe, but this important stuff. So this is how I approach marketing planning with any of my clients.

  • What tools and services do you offer? How do you help people heal? What do you know and love?

    • Answering these questions demonstrates your value. You gotta know what you are about and what you have to give to the world. It takes bravery but if you care about the people that need you, you will dig deep and find your value.

    • Who benefits from your tools and services? Who are you meant to help?

      • Getting clear on that ideal client is so important. That process never ends and constantly gets renewed in the course of your business. You just get more and more clear as you work on this. But once you identify who you want to work wtih...then you can determine where to find them.

      • Where are these people at? Are they online? Are they in the community?

        • Ok, I will be honest. I am a big fan of online marketing. Why? Well, it works AND it reaches people that I can't reach by pounding the pavement. It extends my support across the world and that is beautiful. But the online world has its challenges. You gotta put your message where the people you want to work with will find it. For everyone that is different. Some people - google ads has really worked and for others it is LinkedIn, and let us not forget about facebook :) This sometimes takes some coaching plus trial and error to find the sweet spots in your marketing placement.

Once you got an idea of the answers to those questions, then you can get creative with what you do to get more people in the door or purchasing your eBook or online course. And this is the fun part for me as a coach. Sure, the idea is to find more clients...but the ways in which to do that are so vast. Newsletters, webinars, social media plans, websites, face to face networking, speaking engagements...oh the list goes on and on. And none of those things alone is a good idea. You have to have purpose remember? So if you do a speaking engagement, get emails, follow up, offer the next step in working with you. If you do a newsletter, give them options to engage in your services. 

There is no magic wand. There is no absolute one perfect way to market your practice. But there is hard work and dedication. There is a unique path for you. If you feel stagnate...your marketing is gonna be stagnate. This is why coaching is so helpful for people. It reignites their passion and gives them laser focus and purpose in their marketing strategies. If you want help, be sure to get on the list for free practice building trainings and articles delivered weekly! 

I don't do coffee anymore.


Ok, I do have coffee on occasion - with a girlfriend or a coaching client or by myself when I got no sleep the night before with a teething toddler. But really, I have re-evaluated my coffee time.  When I first started out in private practice, I rocked the face to face networking. Several coffees every week, networking groups, phone calls, and meetings - just anything I could do to get my name out there. And it was valuable. Truly. I met amazing people and did get a referral here or there.

And then my schedule started to shift. I had clients, not a full caseload but I was busy. All of the sudden my time just got more valuable, right? I had people paying to sit with me. So then when I got a request to have coffee, I started to feel a struggle between feeling like "I should" meet with them and knowing that I have other things that are priority. Does that mean I threw my relationships out the window? No! I just go more focused on how I spent my time. (There are other ways to maintain relationships outside of spending time in the coffee shop)

I find many therapists don't treat their schedule with respect. They don't value their time and thus end up busy but not seeing a return on their investment. Busy does not equal productive. Doing things out of what other's think you "should" do will only leave you feeling resentful. So if you want to have a coffee - great! Make it productive. Have a plan. Think of how you want to work with that person. See how it is going to benefit your practice. But if there are other things you can do to grow your practice, why not explore having a more laser focus. Marketing strategies have their value and are needed in any private practice.

So before you reach for your Pumpkin Soy Latte - just remember, every decision you make impacts your business and reflects how you value your time. Learn to treat yourself and your business with the respect that it deserves. 

PS. This blog is inspired in part by the people in our Rockin' Profitable Practice Accelerator Program (All of whom are launching new products in the next 2 weeks!!!) and by my mentor - because of him, I focus on the stuff that truly matters.

Get Support!

Dear Helper and Healer,

You are amazing! You are talented! AND you have something to offer the world! But are you feeling a little isolated? We sit in our offices, doing our fabulous work and sometimes never seeing people other than our clients during the day. We all are working hard and wanting more balance in our lives, so I thought I might share some quick tips to getting more support while you build your private practice.

  • Get a partner in crime - Have someone you can meet with on a regular basis to talk about your practice and be held accountable for the changes you are making. Schedule a lunch or a coffee and get out of the office to share and know that you aren't alone.

  • Get supervision - This has been my all time favorite. I love being able to really stimulate my creativity with my supervisor. Even though I am licensed, it helps to have someone beside you encouraging you and opening up new ways of looking at things.

  • Get online - There are a ton of groups online where people share their marketing ideas and support each other in building their businesses. You can find them on LinkedIn or join one of our free eCourses like our Website 101 program.

  • Join a professional organization - Maybe you have a local professional chapter that hosts events for therapists or maybe even attending a group that is for local business owners can help you get out of your shell, get some networking in and all the while you can learn from other business owners.

  • Reach out for success - Does someone inspire you in their private practice? Reach out to to them and learn from them. We always say that you become successful by surrounding yourself with successful people.

  • Don't be afraid to share - You will learn alot from others, but others have a thing or two to learn from you. Give back and when you can be open and honest about where you are at in your business.

The only way to make this field a better one is to support each other in the process. We are passionate about changing people's businesses because it makes a better life for the individual, their clients and for our profession as whole. What do you do to get the support you need?