Building a Private Practice: Spaghetti Method, Shotgun Approach, or...


Kelly and I are in Seattle, Washington this week working in the same zip code to help therapist in private practice. We started talking about an issue we keep running into when we coach therapists. 

I want to build my business. 

I want to reach out to people and make a difference. 

I have a voice and something to say. 

So I'm going to offer individual therapy, couple's therapy, e-mail therapy, skype therapy, a membership site, a book, an e-mail newsletter, coaching, family therapy, consultation, supervision, and anything else I can think of... I want to offer as many services and options as I can dream up! 

On one hand it fantastic to be flexible with how we reach out to people and help them heal! However, again, and again, we find at the core of this strategy is fear. 

Fear that people won't value what you offer, won't value your expertise. So instead of offering them hope, healing, and expertise- you give them lots of options. Because if I give them LOTS of options- one of them is bound to be the right one- right? 

I used to watch Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsey. I know, I know... but my hubby and I really enjoyed watching... and I kept seeing this SAME EXACT STRATEGY! 

Let's have a menu a mile long, overwhelm our kitchen, and not really have anything that really tastes good! Ultimately the person in the kitchen felt uninspired, overworked, and frustrated. And it showed in their food... and in their lack of customers... 

When they focused, found their passion again, made their menu focused on one specific idea- give their diners a superb meal- things fell into place. 

What about you? Are you taking the spaghetti method approach- throw a bunch of stuff out there and see what sticks? Or the shotgun method hoping some buckshot will randomly graze somebody? 

Or, are you ready to be focused, passionate, and excellect at what you do? Share your passion with us today!