Social Media - What's the point?

Did you know we speak about social media a lot? to groups, consults, friends and more! But through it all I think most people want to know is do they have to do all this social media stuff? Well, yes and no.

You don't have to do anything you don't want to do. I mean really, this is your business and if you want to market it all offline during only your waking hours, then that is totally up to you. BUT, if you want to market to people while you sleep, sell product 24/7 (not just during office hours), learn from others and share your knowledge and expertise, then you should do some social media. 

Here are some tips to get started:


  • Check your website: Make sure that your website speaks to your niche and to the person you want calling you. Also, if you have product to sell, make sure it is easy to purchase, easy to understand what you are offering and above all else, relevant to your audience. Your website is the FOUNDATION on which your social media stands so it must be solid. (on a side note, it is hard to have an awesome website without investing thought, time, effort and at least a little money)

  • BEFORE you open an account, recognize that if you open an account, we recommend that you USE it. Nothing worse than seeing a twitter feed on someones website that hasn't been used in a year. Hmph, why bother? Also, it can hurt your SEO for you website. Just trust us, it isn't worth it.

  • We recommend starting social media in this order - LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and then whatever else you want to do. For most people in private practice or small business those three are enough to really get connected. Much more than that, they seem to get overwhelmed.

  • Master each one before you move to the next. Understand each platform and how to use it for your business. We give talks on this but you can google the information too! Make sure all of your profiles are complete, coherent and fit with your overall business plan. We can help with that if you need it but there are also A LOT of cool resources. Check out for some of their ebooks.

  • Whatever you post....It's NOT all about you! Social Media is multi purposeful - creating your brand, sharing your knowledge, helping others, generating leads and traffic to your website, meeting people you would otherwise have never met.


I see a lot of people asking for Likes and Follows...but why? Why are you doing this? Be clear on the why and your social media will work for you. This should be about QUALITY and not quantity of connections. You want people to like and follow that meet who are marketing to. This isn't a numbers game. 

Oh! And a final tip - Relax! You don't have to figure it all out right now! But the fact that you try is amazing to us. YOU are keeping up with where businesses are headed. One day email will be extinct, replaced by twitter. Then twitter will be replaced by something else...the point is, you want to stay RELEVANT! We love helping business owners do this!