Success Stories... Art Therapist and New Author Margaret Hunter

We just received this in our inbox... And I'll be honest- it brought me nearly to tears when I read it. I felt so much joy and excitement. Why? Because this is truly what we are about- empowering people to take ownership of their process and their businesses. We especially love helping therapists over the website hurdle- as we are both therapists in private practice. So, without further ado- read on...


"I recently completed my own website with the help of ZynnyMe Websitein30days program. On the day that I completed my website, I shared my feelings on FB: “This was a bigger challenge to me than my book because I had to overcome my fears of computers and technology.” I viewed these words as they popped up on my wall, and I sat down to think about them. Why did this feel like such a major accomplishment for me?


As therapists have a tendency to do, I went back into my childhood to find answers. I grew up with an artist’s identity. I painted, drew pictures, and made enough collages to fill an auditorium (I’m not even kidding about that). I wrote stories and illustrated those stories with pictures and multi-media pieces.


Through the years, I continued to develop as an artist, and eventually, an art therapist. I also viewed myself as a non-technical woman, with fears and limitations specifically related to computer technology. I had an initial consultation with Miranda Palmer to explore the ZynnyMe “Websitein30days” program.


That meeting was not what I expected – we were NOT hunkered down, at a desk, going through pages of technical (foreign) information as I had planned. In fact, during this meeting we discussed images, and creative language that could be used on the site. During that meeting, I realized that my website could actually be like my own story, with illustrations and words that would enhance ideas and information –maybe even a collage or two somewhere in the site. However, my belief that I couldn’t possibly build a website because I am a non-technical person took over and I put the project aside.


Nearly a year after my initial meeting with Miranda, my book became published, and I found myself in a position where I needed to develop a website fairly quickly, and at a reasonable cost. I emailed Miranda to confirm that even a non-technical person (such as myself) could do this, and she said I would just need some basic skills: mainly the ability to use a keyboard and send emails. This sounded too good to be true, but I moved forward with the reassurance of a money back guarantee (within 14 days) if I felt the program was not for me. After 14 days, I was looking at my near-completed website. I got totally hooked in the process. I felt my left brain, and right brain, working together. Any obstacles that I faced were addressed with amazing technical support. Even though I sat alone at my computer while I worked, I never felt alone.


I realize now that I am proud of myself because I felt my fear, and moved through it. I recommend this program to any therapist who would like to tell the world more about themselves and their practice. They can tell their own story, in their own way. Websites can be practical and creative. I look forward to making a few changes to my website and adding a few things like links and videos, maybe even a blog. Thank you for this amazing journey, Miranda and Kelly!"


Wow! Seriously wow! I hope you will post your comments and well wishes to the fabulous Margaret Hunter below- maybe even check out her newly designed art therapist website and her fabulous new art therapy book! (Can you believe she thought writing a 176 page book and getting it published was EASIER than building a website?!) She has headshots scheduled, and some additional work to do- but she has made it through that first important hurdle! She knows she can do this!!