False Promises... Google Wants $1,000?

I've been hearing a new story from small business owners:

"I got a call from Google telling me they could get on the first page of Google for only $99 a month and an additional $500 annual fee..."

If $1,000 was going to get you business- I'd say go for it! Unfortunately, the reality is, most of these calls are praying on people with limited knowledge and understanding of how Google works. In fact, I haven't heard of any of these places that are actually "Google" most just craft their scripts to make it sound like they are from Google.

I have gotten these calls to. People promising to put me on the first page of Google for my counseling business for a bunch of money. Only 1 big problem... I was already on the first page of Google for all of my keywords! In fact, I was (am) the first listing, on the first page of Google for all the keywords I want in my business (and a few I don't). (And no, I didn't pay anybody $1,000... I didn't pay anybody a dime in fact...)

Here are a few quick questions to ask to help you better field these calls:

  • Are you from Google? When pressed, most will say they are not, or admit they just have Google in their business name- but they aren't actually from "Google."

  • How fast will this happen? In most cases, SEO is not an overnight process. If they do it overnight- chances are they are using "black hat" or sneaky ways- and as soon as the real "Google" figures it out, you will be down on the bottom.

  • What will you actually do to get me on the first page of Google? If the answer isn't-I'll help you with your content or teach you how to write content that will be attractive to Google- it probably isn't worth what you will pay.

This is the big secret- Google optimization is all about content!

I like to compare this to hiring a speaker to come to an event. You get 40 resumes to comb through and you are reading over to see which 3 to call to interview. You want somebody who is relevant, prepared, dynamic, interesting.... If they haven't done a talk since 2002... or they have the exact same resume as someone else you are probably going to put them in the "no" pile.

Google is searching your website, Facebook page, and online listings to get a sense of you. They want to know if you are dynamic, relevant, up to date, etc. Why? Because if Google started giving us crappy results on the first page- we would start using a different search engine like Bing. Upwards of 70-80% of searches happen on Google because they provide great results.

This is why Google is so interested in your content. In addition, wherever Google leads a particular person to click (like your website or Facebook Business Page) needs to actually get people wanting to know you, like you, and purchase from you.

If you get a bunch of clicks, but no calls, and no purchases- what is the point? This is why having a fabulous website with awesome content is SO important.

Hope this helps for today! Check out our upcoming FREE event Facebook Basics webinar or if you are a helper or healer, check out our Website in 30 days program where we break down this whole process of creating great content that Google will love and creating a marketing message that will get people calling you.

Until next time Zynny Says: If it doesn't build your business or give you more time with family, what is the point?