Do you have the time to be successful?

I talk with people regularly who are passionately committed to being successful in their small (or large) business. Only one small problem: they don't have time to be successful...

Does this sound like you: 


  • Stacks of paperwork

  • Unfinished documentation

  • Unfinished projects

  • A long list of calls to return

  • A desk that looks like a nightmare


And yet, you want more clients... if fact, you need more clients... but the truth is... you don't really have time for new clients. It is almost as if the universe is saying: "You can't handle what you got- why would I send you more?" 

I want to give you something real and tangible- something you can do today. Take a moment to really survey what is bogging you down, what is sucking your energy for your business. Do you have to really look? Or do you already know? 

Ok... once you have that you have two options:


  1. Get mad at yourself for letting things get this out of hand. Commit that this time you will keep up on this nightmare task, you will no longer procrastinate it, commit to spending hours getting it caught up, put this task on the schedule and swear it will never get like this again... (Have you already done this? I have....)

  2. Consider for a moment that there might actually be a better way. Maybe you aren't the only person on the planet who is getting bogged down in paperwork (like progress notes), bookkeeping, social networking, follow-up contacts, etc. and that maybe one of them had the technical knowledge to make this task "no big deal!" Start searching for this solution with the heady knowledge that it is out there! (Have you done this? I have...)


Here are some places I have saved time, energy, and tons of stress: 


  1. My website.... I know I rave, but I don't know how to possible tell you how much time, energy, and stress I used to have... and how long I would avoid updating my website. Now I avoid updating my website because I don't have room for any more clients in my therapy private practice! I can email in blogs, make changes from anywhere, and it is just easy as pie.

  2. Practice management system- If you run a business where you see clients- tracking your client contacts and paperwork can be a nightmare. I can't tell you how fabulous it has been to have a paperless office that saves me money, saves me time, and even makes me money. it easily pays for itself on a regular basis! Integrates credit card processing and insurance forms right into the process.

  3. Scanning. While I don't have to do much (if any) scanning at work since going truly paperless- I find that home can be just as overwhelming-so I use the fabulous OfficeDrop and it makes my life fabulous! I get an envelope each month and drop all the documents that I want future access to- but that I don't really need bulging out of a filing cabinet and drop the envelope in the mail. Presto-chango secure, searchable filing cabinet that I can access from my computer screen!

  4. Receipt tracking- ick! This was a big one for me... lost receipts... crumpled ones at the bottom of my purse... typing them in, etc. Shoeboxed has been one of the biggest time/stress savers for me. Now, I just take a picture of my receipt from my smartphone, type in what it is for, and presto- I'm done! I give my bookkeeper access and she can see what everything is for- and I don't have to mess with it!


These are just a few ways I have used technology to help me save time, energy, and stress so I have time to be successful! Share your time suckers and time savers below!