App Reviews: Anxiety and Stress Reduction

Since ZynnyMe happens to be run by two therapists AND we happen to specialize in working with clients who are on the "nervous" side with technology- we thought it best to start with some great apps that can help you, your family, or your clients manage their anxiety and stress better! 

Our favorite stress reduction apps availabe on both Iphone and Android- and all FREE! 

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SmartPhone Apps Series

We over here at ZynnyMe LOVE to talk to people about how to make better use of the technology that people already have. We think going out and buying a bunch of new toys leads to overwhelm- we would much prefer to help people learn how to use what they have in the most effective manner. 

We have found our App reviews and talks at workshops to be one of the most popular, so we are going to start a series of App Reviews aimed at therapists, as well as business owners in general. We hope that you will get involved and let us know your favorite (and least favorite) apps so we can help one another find and use the best technology! We will do our best to be clear in the title who the applications are geared towards- so if you see something that doesn't apply to you- feel free to ignore! 

So excited! 

Tech Vocabulary Watcha Think?

Over here at ZynnyMe are goal is to empower small business owners to understand what tools are available to them and to use the best technology to save them time and money!

One of the major things we see is a lack of knowledge keeping good people married to bad technology! While we know you DO NOT want to become a techie, we also know you need to have a certain amount of awareness to keep from being a "sucker" when reading through or listening to sales pitches for new products and services.

We are trying to figure out the best way to help "break some things down" for y'all. We are thinking about starting a Technology Concept of the Week or maybe of the day.

What do you think? Would you find it helpful to understand what a "static html" site is and why you don't want one? Or to understand what a content management system is and why you do want one? Do you want to make sure you really understand what you are purchasing?

Second question, would you rather have this written or in a video form? We really hope you will post your comments below, or join us for the conversation on Facebook at Also, don't be shy- we have had some great conversations with people who have given us a call at (810) 68-ZYNNY. While we aren't able to give people technology coaching for free- we know sometimes you have a quick question or concern- feel free to call! Sometimes a personal connection makes all the difference. Or, drop us a line at

Until next time, this is Miranda at ZynnyMe saying "Allow yourself to know enough about technology to make sure you aren't doing it the hard way (or getting ripped off)."

Do you have the time to be successful?

I talk with people regularly who are passionately committed to being successful in their small (or large) business. Only one small problem: they don't have time to be successful... Does this sound like you: Stacks of paperwork Unfinished documentation Unfinished projects A long list of calls to return A desk that looks like a nightmare
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But I'm old school- I don't do tech

So, I had a little fun this morning creating my own "geico-esque" commercial. I get to talk to business owners and a lot of therapist every day who are terrified that technology is going to take over their lives. Below I have put in a short, silly pirate video that does a "reenactment" of this conversation. I know doing a webcam video would be more personal-but I thought putting on different hats or using different voices might freak you out or make you think I was going nuts! Hope this video makes you smile! ZynnyMe Technology Coaching for Real People by ZynnyMe

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!

By the way, do you work with or market services or products for kids? I think this would be a fun, amazing way to create kid friendly content about play therapy, kid's toys, or even party planning themes. However, this strategy does require that you have some kind of web presence through a website, facebook page, or email list... 

If you are ready to finally create a website- check out Website in 30 days program for therapists. If you are a small business owner- stay tuned- we will have a similar program coming out for small, niche businesses this summer! 

Post your biggest technology fears or questions below in the comments- or send us an email at