IPages/IWeb Isn't Really FREE

You love your MAC, the google genuis bar is a wonderful resource, why not use their FREE service to build your professional website? Well, because it isn't really free.

I know, I know, you are going to argue this point with me. "It IS free! It is included! They even provide FREE training!" Here is the ugly truth:

Can anybody find it?

Out of the box, this service isn't really built for the web. Many of the invisible things that Google looks at to decide how valuable your website is, isn't built into to IWeb. You can read about fun add-ons and workarounds here. I am not sure how easy/difficult this add-on, workaround is to use... Would love some feedback in the comments section (with links back to your site).

If nobody can find your website on the web (except you) is it really on the Internet? (Yes, the "If a tree falls in the forest question is rolling around in my head ;0)

Does it Look Good?

The design aspect of this program leaves a lot to be desired. I haven't seen a lot (any) of these free websites that look good (professional) out of the gate.

Ever see those businesses that have faded posterboard with sharpie writing as their advertisement in the window? I have... those places freak me out... In this economy, there are a lot of businesses popping up- people trying to make ends meet. Sometimes they are fantastic- and sometimes they are downright criminal. You do not want to be associated with these businesses.

How Much Time Does It REALLY Take?

When you start putting hours and time into a platform that isn't intuitive, it takes a lot of time and energy. In reality, the process of writing your content and clarifying your marketing message (business focus) is difficult enough! Many people fight with these kinds of program just trying to get them to work and then lose the focus on getting them to actually be profitable!

Remember, when someone is looking for a service like yours on the website, you want your website to show-up, highlight your business, and get people calling or emailing you. Ultimately, you want people ready to hire you or purchase your products.

(You want the kind of problems I am having- I've gotten six calls for services in my counseling business today and I don't have any counseling slots available right now! Boo- ick! Yes, I know I should hire someone. No, I don't want to be counseling people every day, all day (hence this fun and fabulous project!)

And Your Point Is?

Back to the point. Your web presence is a huge part of running a successful business. Some of you are trying to run your fabulous business out of the web equivalent of the back of a pinto. Come on people! Buck up! Either put the time and hours you need to teach yourself a program that works- or check out our training in a box program to get you up to speed ASAP.

As a technology coaching client said yesterday "If only I'd found you 3 years ago!" Don't keep allowing others to build successful businesses and convince yourself it can't be done! You CAN Do this!