Top Advice for 2019 From Therapists in Private Practice

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The way we build our private practices change over time and that’s why we like to check in with our bootcampers to get their top advice for the year when it comes to building a private practice.

shon howell

“When you find yourself in a dead space, clients are not calling, referrals aren't coming in—use that space to do something for your practice clinically or otherwise that may be beneficial in the long run. The best thing I've learned thus far is to go with the flow of things. There are learning experience in every situation, so reach out to someone who may be able to restructure the way you're marketing or nudge you to develop your creative side. I recommend using a business coach, and investing in bootcamps like this! It's the best investment ever.”- Shon, LPC Blue Compass Counseling, specializing in helping women transform stress and trauma.

“I believe in having as much choice as possible. I take insurance and it works for me. Create something you want to do and love to do.” Dr. Adam, clinical psychologist in Phoenix, AZ

Diana Trevino Trauma Therapist

“Keep coming back to you, who you are, & the why you’re doing this. There is no one way to do Private Practice. As long as you be true to who you are, it will all work out. And surround yourself with other business owners who believe or practice that as well.” - Diana, LMFT, EMDR and Trauma Therapist

joanne ketch

“Develop your process long before you need it. It might be possible to be relaxed now about intake, session notes, documenting out of session interaction, but having the process (same order, same habits) in place will save time and effort and increase compliance, clinical competence and efficiency later.” Joanne, LPC Chrysalis Counseling providing substance abuse treatment for professionals and their Families

beth wylie

Don’t believe others false narratives. The ones that say, you can’t make a living at this. You will have to work evenings and weekends to get clients. You have to take insurance or no one will come. You can’t charge that much money.
You can have a full practice, be the breadwinner, work the schedule that allows you to pick your kids up from school everyday and be home for dinner, take cash pay only clients and charge a fee that allows you to have a good life. When you believe it and work hard with those boundaries in place, you can and will have the practice you dreamed of.
Beth, LMFT Pacific Northwest Family Therapy

“Your goals and your schedule and your practice can change if it doesn't work for you anymore. If your location isn't ideal, you can move. If your life changes, say you have a child or move, you can adjust your schedule to fit your new life. My advice would be to know that your practice can be malleable depending on your needs and that you are never truly stuck. There's always room to shift something.” Dr. Abigail, Waves Psychotherapy, Therapy and training for LGBTQIQAP

“Signing up for an electronic health records system (EHR) can be such a time-saver but I see a lot of therapists who sign up and then don't take the time to set up all their forms and policies. They're not making use of the amazing system they're paying for and it ends up creating MORE work. I suggest everyone plan a full day to practice with the EHR, upload your forms, and set up your preferences. Then it will start saving you time AND money.” Dr. Maelisa, QAPrep Founder

Beth Medina

“If you are avoiding taking some action in your business, instead of beating yourself up, get curious about what’s behind the avoidance.” Beth, LMHC Brainspotting Therapist


“Don't be afraid to chose a niche. It will bring more ideal clients to you and other clients will call too” Eleni, LMFT and Sex Therapist


“Don't get stuck in comparison and competition. Live in your authentic sense of what you bring to the table and own it. If you don't know what exactly you do that's different or unique, figure that out and make that a talking point. Get out in the community and talk to people face to face. If not, use video so people can get a sense of who you are. All of this will help people connect to your inner radiance.” Dr. Sharon, Relationship and Love Consultant

ruben hopwood.jpeg

“I realized I can’t really just can’t hide in an office somewhere with a sign on the door and hope people walk by and see it. I’ve got to learn the technology I resist greatly and market my practice. The value of trusting yourself is so much greater than you can imagine.” Dr. Ruben, utilizing counseling and spiritually integrative skills with clients.


“Beware shiny object syndrome! Your practice is distinctly unique - just as you are. It’s ok to be inspired by others but you do not HAVE to emulate them. Develop and grow at the pace that is right for you, and one day you’ll have others looking at what you’ve done as their own shiny object!” Jasmin, LMFT, Child and Teen Therapist

Courtney Alvarez.jpg

“Tell anyone and everyone about your business and your therapy style. Know you're worth it and stick to your fee! Set up a realistic schedule and stick to that too! I love that every morning I can take my time getting up for the day and I can follow my own internal clock. I have never been happier.” Courtney, LCSW, Wise Owl Therapy helping with anxiety and depression

“I did the perfect day exercise that you teach and if what I am doing doesn’t serve my perfect day, I don’t do it anymore. That’s the fastest way to get to where you want to be in your life.” Gabriel, ADHD Specialist (you can find our perfect day exercise in our private practice challenge)

Rebecca Williams

“Get comfortable with numbers: pricing, income, budgets, expenses, savings, retention rates, etc. Even if you have to do it through sticker charts or exposure therapy. Stick with it. Play with them. It can even get exciting.” Rebecca, LMFT Inland Empire Couples Counseling, Group practice owner and couples therapists helping couples through major life change.

Robyn D'Angelo

“Get ready to be seen. To put yourself out there + tell people what you do. You get to choose how you do it but you’ve gotta let people know who you are, where you are, what you do and why they want to work with you. Once you do that, in a way that aligns with you, your message + your most desired client ... prepare for the floodgates to open. It’s glorious.” Robyn, The Happy Couple Expert, LMFT