Mentorship and Adding Clinicians to Your Private Practice

adding clinicians in private practice

You are a leader, a teacher, a person who wants to support others in sharing their gifts with the world. We think that is great!

Before you add a clinician to your practice, we want you to know that part of being an amazing mentor to those around you, is getting your business solid in a way that works for you. You have to take care of you before you take care of others.

But you are talking about mentorship right?

Yep! You want someone leading who knows what they are doing and if they don't always know, they are getting the help they need. They are the people you want to rely on. You want to be that person, right? When you add employees you want to feel grounded and confident. 

Sometimes we see clinicians build so quickly, and there are outliers where it works out and there are others where the stress and strain of supporting other clinicians in their practices can really take its toll. The first step to adding clinicians is always to have a solid business that has consistency and flow for you. 

What does readiness to add clinicians really look like?

  • You have a marketing workflow that targets referrals and gets the phone ringing. You have confidence about the process and when things slow, you know how to direct your energy, not freak out and get referrals again.

  • You have clarity about who you serve in your community and how. You understand the needs and how to meet them and you do this with passion and integrity. Mentoring someone comes out of your own enthusiasm, not hiring an employee so you can get out of doing the work that is burning you out.

  • You have savings. This means you have a budget, don't have debt in your business, and can handle the up front costs of taking on an employee or contractor. There are some up front costs. You won't be generating income from growth immediately. Instead, there will be an outpour of cash to get started, but if you have reserves, this won't be so stressful.

  • You have a plan for paying and honoring the talents of your clinicians. You seek to be a part of shifting the therapy practice landscape and paying people a decent, honest wage that will support them and not lead to more burn out.

  • You have a schedule that allows for sick days, vacation days and creative days. You aren't so strapped that adding a clinician would mean further strain. There is an openness and abundance.

You see, if you are going to mentor therapists and bring them into your practice, ask yourself, what do we need more of in the world? We don't need businesses where people are stressed out, reactive or even at time defensive...we need confident and clear clinicians who not only understand clinically what they are doing but they are also aware of how they run things outside of the therapy room impact the therapeutic relationship.  

But what if I am not ready?

You may look at that list and think...I have a bit more to go. You may think it is unrealistic. I am not a perfect business owner. I have stuff I am refining, but my business is sustaining and growing and I am able to support staff in my business. I am not asking for perfection, but progress and some factual numbers that show you can take on staff.

It's ok to not be totally ready. And if you already have taken on staff, it's not to late to make some changes. All this means is, it is time to get your business solid. It will only have a more positive impact on your clinical work and on the mentorship you provide to those around you. Don't you agree?

If you want to get support, check out our upcoming Business School Bootcamp and see how even clinicians with group practices or those who have been in practice many years and revamping and revitalizing their practices with our support!