Therapists Know How To Party

Is running your business fun? We spent a lot of time in the chair, listening, containing, guiding and creating. It's a beautiful kind of work. It's also what many refer to as "the meat" or their purpose. The business stuff, might make you feel a bit... meh. 

We get told we laugh a lot. I honestly believe it's because we like to have fun in all areas of life. Business should be fun. It's the only way I can handle a business plan is if there is a bit of laughter along the way. Come to think of it, I am like that as a therapist. Humor shows up in the room all the time (well for me it's a virtual room, but you know what I mean).

So next week we are going to show you what it looks like to have fun with your business. As you may or may not know, Business School Bootcamp for Therapists is about to open up BUT FIRST we like to throw a Launch Party! It's like a huge open house for your business training as a mental health professional.

What does this Launch Party involve?

First we are going to talk about what matters most when building your practice, how to stay focused without burning out and to that we will add a dose of inspiration and a reminder of who you really are as a clinician.

After that, we have some friends who have kindly donated stuff for us to give away. This is our "Oprah" moment where if you are present, you could win one of the many prizes. Here is what we are giving away!

Some of those giveaways include offers from Healthcasters, Abundance Practice Building, Rock The Media School, Michael Formica, Brighter Vision, Cuplá Media, Nikki Bonsol, Social Work Coaching, the Practice of Being Seen, Therapist Court Prep, Simple Practice, Practice of the Practice, Trauma Therapist Community by Laura Geagan LCSW-C and Real Self Care for Therapists. Guess what? Some of them are giving away something to every attendee - show up and you will walk away with something!

Then we are giving away one FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP to our Business School Bootcamp. It normally costs $1750! 

Lastly, we open it up for Q&A where Miranda and I answer questions about your private practice.

Along the whole way we will challenge you, laugh, and really see the joy in how running a business doesn't have to be dusty business plans and outdated marketing strategies. There is so much more to it all. Your business impacts the clinical relationship. They are tethered together and equally important.

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