Private Practice Challenge Week 5: Income

Multiple Streams of Income - We call it moving Beyond the Couch. When do you make the move and how? This week we are going to show you how to prepare your business for growth.

1) Watch the video and take the quiz

2) If you aren't ready to launch another stream of income look at your current fee and marketing plan to make changes so you can one day grow your practice Beyond the Couch.

3) If you are ready to launch, evaluate your business plan, investment of time and money to get started and write down your why - why you want to add this stream and the impact you hope to make with it.

4) Got questions or comments? Post below and Kelly + Miranda in on Wednesday, March 1st to respond!

Want to enter to win a FREE Lifetime Entry to our Business School Bootcamp? Click here to watch the recording of the launch party! As a bonus, we will be giving away other fun prizes that you don't want to miss.