Starting a Counseling Practice - A Beginner's Guide

"Give me anything you can to help me start my private practice."

Every week we receive emails from therapists asking about how to get started in their practices. There is great value in getting information from someone who has been there and done that. Yet, we all have our own unique journey. What works for one person, may not work for another. This is why we created a 10 part series that was featured on Pro Psych Central. It is a great compliment to our free trainings and most articles come with a free download to help you integrate what is taught.

  • Part 1: Getting Honest with Yourself - This is one of the biggest steps that many practitioners skip. Please read no matter where you are at in the process.

  • Part 2: Giving Yourself Permission - As soon as you finish Part 1, read this. It's time to really look at what you want and allow yourself to create it.

  • Part 3: Your Business Plan - Before you go create that gorgeous website, let's look at the plans that will help guide you in ever aspect of your marketing. And no - this doesn't have to be a stuffy research like plan. You just need to think through some key nuts and bolts to get started.

  • Part 4: Office Space - Finding a location to practice can be overwhelming. Download the checklist at the end of the article to help you along the way!

  • Part 5: Getting Paid - This covers a lot of the questions we have about accepting payments and a link to own of our most popular trainings on how to set your fee.

  • Part 6: EHR - This is the biggest most important tool you will have in your practice. We love SimplePractice and we want to empower you to think through all the options and the best fit for you!

  • Part 7: Referrals - How do you create a good referral base? Download our free cheat sheet in the article.

  • Part 8: Niche - Let's talk about who you want to serve and how to reach out to them in an authentic genuine way. There's a free training at the end as well!

  • Part 9: Websites - There are so many questions about building a website as it the hub of your online marketing. Check out this article and sign up for our free online course at the end!

  • Part 10: Blogging - We want to help you get started on finding your message and getting the word out about your practice. This article even comes with a topic guide!