Free Google AdWords Support!

Google Adwords is a way to advertise your website on Google. It puts your website into a funny little "advertiser" box and can help to force a new website to the top or side of the page. It costs money, but can be pretty reasonable. Google is no offering free support to help you setup your "campaign" and to help you understand how it all works. I will give you the information below... but here are some things to understand BEFORE you set-up your first Google AdWords account: 

1. You pay every time someone clicks- not every time they buy. 

2. More clicks can help you get to the front page of Google so you show up without having to pay anything in the future! 

3. If your website content isn't good, if your website is outdated, doesn't showcase your product, or is out of date- you won't get people calling or purchasing. 

4. If people aren't calling or purchasing your product- what is the point of being on the top of Google?

In other words, before you spend money on advertising, make sure your website is going to get people to convert. How do you make people call or purchase? GREAT question- and WAY too big for one blog posting! The easy answer is "it depends" on what your product is, who you are, where you live, etc. There are some basic principles... but we'll have to cover that another day! 

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What are your big GoogleAdwords questions? Post them below! Have you called the service? What did you think of your "Helper?" Was it helpful? Was the customer service good?