Shhh.... I have a secret.... Event

ZynnyMe might be coming to Fresno, CA soon! Love that a group is looking to help with the business owners in their organization and put on such a relevant training! This one will be a specialized talk for therapists: How to Have a Fabulous Website: What every therapist needs to know. 

I LOVE talking to small business owners from across the country. Every time I do, I am inspired that ZynnyMe is on the right track in providing real solutions and answers to the questions that all kinds of business owners are quietly struggling with. 

Currently, it feels like the most techie out there in the world are answering the questions. Unfortunately, the people who need the information the most aren't getting to hear the message in a way that they can connect with! 

Check out our YouTube page where we are adding videos all the time at if you want to see the latest and greatest! 

Does your organization or group need a down to earth, dynamic speaker on the topic of technology? ZynnyMe would love to help take your group from technophobia to technovici (conquering technology-yes I just made up a word!) Here are some other fun topics we present on: 

Women, Business, and Technology: Overcoming the falacies and fears surrouncing technology. 

Using Technology To Create Connection: How Technology Can Give You MORE Time to be With People! 

Yelp for Small Business Groups: A Hands-On Learn and Work Day to Co-Create Success! 

Facebook for Small Business Groups: A Hands-On Learn and Work Day to Co-Create Success!