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Websites for Therapists

You need a website that works! 

However, you need a website that is effective, and not all are created equally. We have talked to too many therapists who built a website expecting it to help grow their practice- to met with silent phones. We see psychologists and therapists spending SO much money on websites that don't even have the most basic functionality you can find on a free platform. 

We also see therapists trying to run a six or 7 figure business on websites that can't handle what they need. We are therapists- we suffered through websites that didn't work, learned everything the hard way. So- we put together our free Website 101 training. Get empowered to make a decision that makes sense for your business needs! And no, we don't sell websites- we just really want to help you make a great decision and build a website that will help you build a solid private practice! 

 You can also check out our free Website Dictionary for Therapists here

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