Anything But Cookie Cutter - Nicol’s Story

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“Oh my gosh, I’m a business owner.” That was the realization that hit Nicol when we first met. She had an idea that she was ready to take into the world and it was anything but what she saw her peers doing.

As an expert witness, Nicol has built a practice providing her services in the court room, consulting therapists on how to be prepared for court and she runs a non-profit Kid’s Court. And yes, she did all three when she started bootcamp, against our advisement (Ha! We love to laugh about that part). But she had to try things herself and she figured out how to make it work for her. She is real, honest and down to earth about what it takes - and it isn’t perfect but it’s necessary.

In this interview you will learn:

  • How to see failure in your business

  • What to do with Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS)

  • The importance of creating your own model

  • How to make any training you invest in, your own

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