Why & How to Make a Difference This Summer

Did you know that as a therapist in private practice you have a unique opportunity to make a difference in the world? Yes! You! Many therapists in private practice feel unseen, unheard, and pretty isolated. However, that is often because they are hiding the knowledge, passion, and perspective that their communities desperately need! This summer we are going to talk about unique ways to make a difference in your community. We will also tie that into how to have fun while making a difference, and how this can help grow your business at the same time!

Why Do You Need To Be Seen

People often learn, grow, and change within relationships. Do you agree? I think you might! (Or, at least I hope you agree!) We talk to therapists on the daily who feel like they are a “dime a dozen.” They convince themselves that they don’t have anything ground breaking, earth shattering, or unique to share with the world.

The truth is, most people don’t know what you know. Other people who know what you know often share it in a different way. Even other people who know what you know, and might share it in a similar way don’t know who you know! You are a unique person, with a unique perspective, within a unique community, with a unique voice. Your voice matters.

Why Your Voice Matters

We talk a LOT about stigma in mental health, and why that needs to change. And yet, many therapists are sitting in the shadows and NOT talking about mental health, not spreading information, and not sharing with others what they do. We also allow people to continue to spread misinformation about what therapy really is, how it helps, and miss so many opportunities to make sure people have accurate information about what therapy is and how it can help.

I Am Guilty

The truth is, I am guilty of this. I have spent years avoiding telling people I am a therapist. I currently introduce myself as a business consultant, which is true, but incomplete. Why? Because that introduction means I need to spend time correcting and educating people about mental health, psychotherapy, what a psychotherapist is and isn’t, setting and maintaining boundaries, and so much more… Honestly, it can be exhausting and frustrating to come face to face with how misunderstood this profession is by the culture as a whole. But we want to change that.

Making a Difference This Summer

Kelly and I sat down after two intensive weeks of running the Business School Bootcamp for Therapists to talk about what was next for us this year. We both felt like we wanted to do something to start combatting the stigma we see in our culture as a whole, and also to encourage therapists to start being “seen.” We also wanted to do something fun and out of the box this summer! When in doubt- have more fun- right?!

Project: Rebel Apparel

Our make a difference, get out of the box, and have fun this summer is designing apparel and items that are all about educating, inspiring, and starting conversations. We want people talking about bodies, minds, and ways that people make deep change. We believe that conversations and relationships can give people hope and inspire change individually and as a society.

 We are having a blast so far finding unique ways to spread the word about how our bodies and minds work, how people make change, and creating some challenging shirts that are meant to get people talking. You can check out the beginnings of this project here. And over the next few weeks we will be sharing how you can find your unique way to have fun and make a difference as a therapist in private practice this summer and beyond! Ready for some fun?