Having Fun & Making a Difference This Summer

Do you remember when summers were FUN?! When the biggest task on your summer to-do list was cleaning your room? As a therapist in private practice summer can be a time where your practice can either slump, or go into overdrive based on a variety of factors. Responding to either scenario during the summer when you’d rather be out being playful can be a bit overwhelming and suck the joy out of these long gorgeous days.

Tapping Into the Fun & Playfulness of Summer

Do you remember why cleaning your room was so stressful? Part of the reason was because it was difficult to tap into your WHY… But, why do I have to do this? You also didn’t know how to make it FUN!

Why Are You Doing The Work

Break out a piece of paper right now, open the notes up on your phone… or just start writing on your arm! Why do you do this work? What words describe this work? What are the specific changes you see in clients that light you up and make even the longest, hardest days feel completely worth it? Seriously, take some time with this.

What Do You Need to Share

Now, think about the bits of information you share ALL THE TIME with clients that blow their mind that truly seem like basic information to you? Need examples:

  • The average couple waits more than six years after they know there is a problem before they seek help.

  • Being hungry, thirsty, or sleepy can lead to escalation of stress at work, with friends, with kids, and in romantic relationships.

  • PTSD is a normal response to an abnormal situation.

As a trauma therapist clients would often think I was “psychic” when I started talking about normal trauma symptoms. How did you know I was experiencing that?! Well… because that is how bodies work! What felt like basic information was often life changing information for the people I worked with.

What is FUN For You?

Now, I want you to make a list of all the fun things you’d like to do this summer. What do you think about that gives you energy out in the “real world”? Going to the beach? Coffee with friends? Reading a book by a river? A trip to the trampoline park. I know it might seem silly- but don’t leave anything out!

Now, I want you to make a list of the fun things you are drawn to online. Do you dig YouTube, Instagram, Facebook? Do you love sharing pictures of your kids with friends and family? Do you love to write? Do you love inspiring quotes? I have avoided Instagram like the plague… only to find that I REALLY like following people who do yoga, handstands, and play with slacklines on Instagram. Don’t separate out mentally what you like professional and personally right now- look at what truly inspires YOU and charges you up!

Put It Together

We are going to be sharing some examples of out of the box ways we are combining our why, with our fun to create opportunities to educate, inspire, and start conversations in person. Then, we will be talking about how to do the same thing online. Give yourself time over the next week or so to put all of this information in one place, and watch out for the next article where we can show you what to do with it!

Wowee… our project: rebel is coming together. Notice how we have combined the things we are loving and having fun doing: BodFit, BrainFit, and BizFit. We know that if things are out of balance in one area, they will impact the other two! We also have plans to add in some other areas- but we are keeping it simple for now. We aren’t seeking perfection. We know things will grow and change over time. Right now, we want to focus on what is most FUN!

Giving Back

We also chose the charity that we will be donating a portion of the profits to- the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. We looked for a charity that has high ratings for utilizing funds well, as well as one that has direct service to people who are hurting. Why did we include giving back in our plan for this project? Because it is fun and aligns with our “why!”

So post below what is fun for you and your ideas for giving back. The more we start the conversations, the more opportunity for us to be heard, to inspire others and challenge the stigmas we see in the world.

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